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I caught the glorying gaze of a cherry blossom tree;

Its fortune told me the future of my hearting flame.

I inhale its preening scent of beautiliciousness

And throw it to the sky,




I saw you. Then.

You didn’t even spare me a sympathetical glance.

Please don’t hate me now. Hate me later.

All I need is an understanding while I cry,





view of dark hallway
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A moment in the interlude of infinity,

My thoughts flicker over to you —

I think a pixie sprite wrapped

Its spindly slender antennas around my heart.

And emitted warm pulses through my quivering veins.

A whiff of burberry once again

Uplifts my head into the air

As if it’ll snag my chin and kiss me down

To the barren strips of my soul.

My neck aches from craning at each footstep

In each desperate hour.

Perhaps another day, then,

I’ll hear your voice

Sweet as bubbling milk with honey.

You say your lines to-do,

but your eyes ask,

“Why this hicktown stranger?”



Muse, My Muse (Edited Version)

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Edited because I turned it into a more authentic version of a sonnet — one that contains iambic pentameter and a volta. This was assigned to me last semester for extra credit, so I took my previous poem and tweaked it into a bona fide sonnet. 


There was a magic in the wind tonight

Toned with a majestic violin strain

As her wild heartbeats join under the rein

Of its ruler, descendant of the night.

Her footsteps so bare and so light — so light!

For dreams in which I’m once more free and fain,

I long to catch and keep you, though in vain…

Suddenly she’s out of mind, out of sight.

…And night comes anon, but please do not yet depart.

There’s a fog-screen incoming — I’m seeing

A tale of my life, and you play a part.

You embody my evening throes of art,

For who else created your nymphic being?

Pixie, you snuck your way into my heart?

Pipe Dream

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The air weans in partings of a summer breeze

But nay if it hasn’t swept in a lovelorn fear, or some,

At which I gaze in disconcerted ease.


It’s cold here. It’s cold here. I keel, then I’m numb;

That only you’d lie your love onto me — that I’d fain

In a frenzied season’s past, a past my pain is from.


One flitting thought, a thousand strolls purged in vain;

‘Tis the consequence of your haunting face,

So sweet my perfume smells like pain.


What now? No fear, no sense, no rush, no pace,

My game carried on in unlimited breadth;

I can’t wait forever, but I can’t win time’s race.


And so, my eyes faded in recurring death,

I pass you my final requiem on the fog of my breath…

What I’d Only Do

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I got some phlegm to clear up, folks.


I’d bring you flowers everyday.

Compliment you everyday.

Pay both our expenses everyday,

because I’m just that way.

Cuddle with you.

Put my head on your shoulders.

Clasp your hand to my cheek.

Stroke my fingers up your delicate throat

and around your face

and cup the nape of your neck

as I nudge your face right in front of mine,

till our noses are touching and we’re

devouring each other’s presence

in wide-eyed wonder.


And then…


my lips would slowly,


close onto yours and

inhale a deep breath from yours

that reaches deep into my lungs

and across my tippy-tops and toes

and quake my starving soul

like a cup of mead

spilling its wholesome glory

over you.


I also want to feel your pulse.

You know that?

And hear your heartbeat when I

lay my ear onto your chest

and hug your knee closer to mine own,

maybe caress it

because it’s spindlier than the rest.


You just have to let yourself let me. 




Yeah, the comma after the end of the title isn’t a mistake. 

Tried to make this one a variation of the Petrarchian sonnet.

Laced with heart’s wild and warm-blooded

Hymns of praise and pure,

Stray thoughts spurt like a fountain top,

And all its sweetly pleasures do they rain.

You’re warmer than blood,

Closer than flesh,

I wish to the Aether each day afresh

That your revelation was not in vain.


Every spirit of the living air,

Every mirage holds a light

To your ghostly countenance

And breathes life into me anew.

It shimmies down my veins

Into yearnful elations

As I utter you my finest proclamations:

“Can I keep you?”

Magnum Opus

silhouette photography of woman with shoulder length hair
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Cartoonish caricatures of fishies are

floundering in my periphery

while my clone lies sprawled under

scrutinizing starlights.

She’s writhing,


O my love,

what did I just do to you

in those milliseconds, grains of

an existential high

infecting the air?

I’d nurse you

Like a mother and her squalling child.

But I’ll send another

in my midst,

nary knowing that

the one who watches over you

like God and his Book of Life

is me.

Haikus, Set 1

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Screw me once, you laugh;

Screw me twice, I laugh and then

Slit you in my mind.


Love is multi-faced

But I can’t find the best words;

Everyone took them.


“Are you here?” I asked.

Neighbors thought I was stretching

As I reached to you.

My goodness. I remember when I stored countless haikus on my old phone.

My old phone. 

I only found three on my new phone, ever since my old phone got thrown away.

Breathe Me Alive

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One glimpse

and I want to

stroke your face

up and out,

round and about,

like the masseur at the spa.

Cup your face against my palm

and I’ll trace your veins as they

lead to your heart —

but maybe I’ll contend with

ticking you on the underarms



Is it wrong that I want to

entwine my body around yours

till you’re close



to my core,

to the soul hidden beneath my soul

and our pulses beat as one

and I can just maybe,


breathe you in?


Please cradle me

so I can snuggle my ear to your chest

and hear an lively ocean

surging inside,

and I’ll know you’re real

when I fall asleep

and all my realities become a dream

as your body beside me fills my lungs

with your scent.

Remember butterfly kisses? The ones where

we’re so close our eyelashes

are touching?

They’re now goldfish nips

because now I’ll cover your face

with sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.


Maybe one night

under the covenant of

a balmy evening

I’ll introduce you to the star-struck sky

because it’s always watching.

I’ll kiss your nose

so that my blessing will extend

down to the tips of your toes.

And while your breath is still fresh on mine

I’ll trace your lips

so that with mine, I’ll imprint onto you

my fiercest declaration:

you belong to me,

and I

to you.