To Mr. Cheerio Diddly-Dee


Well, dude – you’re a sap!

You think you’re cute, cuddly and so nice –

Really? You, a lucki-o diddli-doo ol’ chap?

You said, “I love you” – ya should’ve known the price!

Oh yeah, I’ve had my share of guys, too,

Beats me why they’ve got to be so callous;

Now my priorities are confused – what to do?

I mean, it’s not like a girl has a phallus!


Look, I understand the friendzone,

I know how it must feel;

But even you yourself said you’re good-for-nothing prone

And you have the kisser of a moray eel!

Your diddli-dee life is plastered online, I see –

Am I – obsessing? Or is it a spiteful bluff?

Well, no, I hate you because your imperfections embody me!

And is one “me” really not enough?

The Abyss

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Rummaging through my Poetry course portfolio to churn something out before the end of this month, be like…

There’s a deep dark place

in the corner of my mind



fed by the despair that

my love is not real –

not the love I thought it was.

And when I remember,

oh, remember –

that sweetly snide face

of Nevermore.

I fall down,







and tears

and where the walls

of self-doubt close upon me every night

because I’m not worthy.

I’m not owed a drop

of response and



are an insufferable bitch.

Should I retrieve my poems from my latest Poetry course from this summer, before they disappear? I jotted them down so quickly to make time for other classes, yet the poems truest to my heart have been the most introspective.


The Numbing

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The numb love

gushes through my veins,

grasps the arms

in a death grip and

extends into the elbow and

through the shoulders,

surpassing the naked blade

in a delicious furor and

entwines itself

around the sinews of my heart.

I am brimming with you.

One climatic squeeze of my centerpiece


Might revise later.