By the River I Mourned Sorrow


Next to the river I mourned sorrow

It raged a Nile, raged w’out a morrow

My heart beared heavy remembrance

While in my hands

A voice converted into snapshot remnants.


I held the recording device to my ear

Finally, finally, purging time’s near

Lil’ brook of a fountain’s voice, so divine

Surged into a roar

Though through it all, I could still hear mine


I said: I’m in pain

She said: I promise to not disdain

I told her, I spake the word, I cried

Carry me now, tears…

I thought you’d like to be my bedside


November shards of heart would drip

Through the air’s chilly stills were the sound of a stifled rip

A whirlpool of hopes, I’m thinking

The waterbed gave IN

I was reliving, relieving, sinking…


Then I broke the water surface suddenly apart

A fresh awakening, a new start

In last commemoration of what was to be

The ripples took on tears

Before they cleared and turned into…me


Why You?


Ah — one of my favorite poems that I’ve written.


I don’t know why

From mere memories of you my world

would always reek

I don’t know why

I cling to the crease of your smile against

My teary cheek

Why is my bubble of burning effervescence

Built upon your imaginary presence

Nothing to hide, yet nothing to show


I don’t know why, then

My degrees of heartaches become a-tenfold

I don’t know why, then

Your beating pulse against mine turns cold

This feeble string of fervor I cast between us

Succulent, but superfluous

Only to be ruptured with a savage blow.


And so, I ask:

Why you?

Put this one in a Hallmark card already!

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In my Russian community, if someone graduates from a Russian-based school, they get a “White Ball” to celebrate in their honor. We also give them a gift. Sis drew the cover for a card while I, being the poet, had to think of a one-stanza poem to fit inside.  If you have any related events where you give a card prior to a graduation dance or prom, and you don’t know what to write — use THIS! 


Another ball to dance the night away

A rite of passage is yours today

Cheers, music, laughter and the jive

What a joyous day to feel alive!


Tweak as you see fit. 

Is It You?

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Courtesy of: Niklas Agevik

This week in:  a lonely stargazer finds comfort in the littlest things.


“Is it you?” I asked an ancient oak of green

The trees bowed their cloaks to the wind

I thought I heard them sigh

When to the sky they grinned

And gave me no reply


“It it you?” I queried of Garbage Cat

He was busy playing Master of Diguise

Till Twolegs witnessed his nocturnal play

He looked on with beady eyes

Before he snuck, skipped and scampered away


“Is it you?” I entreated one of my own

Warm was their homely circle of light

That enclosed them here and nigh

Together! Laughter! Love! Such was the sight

I almost waved and said hi


Nature and Night, they brought an ear to lend

From lamppost sidewalks to the mango grove

They had a voice, and I a friend

God help me, I’ll find the one I love

And I WILL find the one I love…


This might have to be revised some. We’ll see, though.


In Dedication

IMG_20180506_000702992 (1)

I just had to finish this poem today. But then, I just had to procrastinate from homework at the same time, you get me?


I may not have much

But I have a world of love

Much I have naught

But I have this tenet to prove

That my heart holds a breadth

Ne’er short of inner wealth

That the shine that wealth prolonged

Will give me you, to whom I always belonged


I’ll give you my world

For the moon is waning and unfit

Walk you through a balmy standstill of a night

Adiemus — can you hear It?

I’ll give you a song of my feeling’s worth

One you’d never know or miss

Your aura makes me replete

Stand still — I’ll blow you a kiss!


I’ll give you the scenery, for it sings of you

To which it triggered senseless hope

That I’m here for your love

But to what scope?

I’ll give you my state of mind

For I’m scared, but otherwise my mind is one infernal

I’ll give you my soul

Old as time, fiery as life eternal


The Love Cycle

Board Heart Play Over Love Off End Separat

Took the best part of my Thursday night to finish this poem. Can I just say…Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


A lightning shot of thrills

Ravaged through my brain

A pinch of giddy, shock, dizzy

Riling the blood again and again

I can’t move, I can’t breathe

Disturb my ecstasy, and I’ll seethe–

A delight I imbibe and drain


A want so HERE, I can taste it

You’re not real, not to any but me

Swathed in your closeness

Everyone becomes nobody

The spike of satisfaction peaked

My heart is primed to be wreaked

I’m one smothered schmuck, but I’m — free


Questions clutter the space

There where safety once presided

How, I wonder, and — WHY

Is the day anon still one-sided?

Distraught turned to despair

As it tinged my own breathing air

I’m so stupid, so divided…


I’m a slave to myself

Just as I’m a slave to you

I undertake the remedied soul-ripping

And have none but myself to rue

Why did you ever exist?

You’re so beyond ideal, I feel whisked

Into obscurity — I’m fading, flying, ado


I tried to stem the flow

Though only time knows when

This caustic scab they call “love”

I will gracefully shed

An eternity later, I crawl through

I wake up an amnesiac anew…

Before the cycle hits me hapless again



Barren Beauty



Hand crossed over her bosom unabashed,

The full-fledged figure

Was clothed in ivory unmasked


He posed steely and strong

All his muscles glowed a-brazen

In throes of calm victory you bask and belong


Artwork incarnate…


It must stay hidden, for it’s never free

All bargain for one, two, their share

While from it — I flee

A Smile for Everyday


Guys! I found one of my poems that dates way back to sophomore year when I submitted it for a poetry contest, and I’m laughing at how cheesy it sounds now…


For so long as I remember
Each day brings forth new sunrises
Inevitably, with bliss shining forth,
Filled with big and small surprises.

As I’m blinking in the generous morning light
Greeting the early day,
My happiness is hither
Always residing, always underway.

Even though we have our rainy days,
That’s only part of spring;
But I will wait for those clouds to pass
For a rainbow to arrive, for the earth to sing.

And suddenly I’m spending time in the beloved outdoors
Soaking in cherry blossoms’ sweet air,
Or breaking through the water sprinkler’s fresh spray
I shall forever laugh, and laugh without a care.

It’s the smallest wonders that truly matter
Wonders I always seek within the mile
All I do is spread my arms to the welcoming sky hue,
Close my eyes, take a breath, and SMILE!



A thought turned into

Appearance, an illusion

I captured it;

Little did I anticipate the delusion

Endowing my art

With the gift of a beating,

Living heart…

For I wasn’t satisfied

I needed a soul into the mix

So I met the owner of my prized semblance

My expectations became a transfix;

Didn’t match the picture-perfect persona

I first made them out to be

But their daring exuberance poured

New life into me

The warmth of a new friend’s touch

The pulpy sweetness of their image finessed

I grew fond of

Life’s living best

And just like that,

I fell hopelessly obsessed.

My life was complete

…but I wasn’t satisfied

I needed more

And for more I dug

Into the innermost of their soul

Masked in blanks unsaid,

Suspicions to be dread

I grew doubtful

Every request of mercy for them

Came up empty-handed and hopeful

What secret are you hiding, my pretty?

When I dared, again I looked

What I found left me shook’d

Congratulations, your sly countenance

Tricked me!

The rain of sorrow was great

But I’m not here to tell that type of story

Even though I begged and denied

Pleaded and revived

I approach once too close; and

I end up still sorry

The darkness in you is wholly



A voice whispered:

“Who do you worry?

I’m still here,

A lone concept you take for cheap

A figment of your passion

But willingly yours to keep.”

I took my heart back

From one who was already void of existence

Instead I distilled it back to the ghost of





One of my most favorite poems that I have composed; ironically, I was in depression at the time. A depression I’d never want to experience again, even if it prompts a million poems.

Also, I’m doing a slight revamp to my blog: I’m reorganizing my past poems into subcategories on my home page.


Dreamy-head’s Desire

Fantasy Dream Night Sky Photo Art Stars Daydreamer

Too many interests and potential passions; not enough time or resources.



I stand behind the window of possibilities

Multifaceted identities

I let them flow

Kindled desire

What of me does Fate require

To set these smoking flames a-glow?


Who am I?

I — am a burst of colors

My mind hollers

Atop the world

“Look at me!

Aren’t I a worthy sight to see?”

My confection of dreams unfurled.


Sensing, I am:

My creativity


These carriers need to unload

A physical feat

The pining pen of an aesthete

A mind, unbridled, can explode.


So real…

Except when it is not

This isn’t the life I thought I thought

Nothing I lose, nothing I gain

Reminders are a sinking mire,

Ventures consequently dire

Slap me — I’m wandering again.


Side note, I asked a fellow blogger if they could feature one of my prized poems, “Writer’s Reverie”, on their blog, and they did! You can check it out here

Next stop — The Wall Street Journal! Just kidding. Still! I wanna expand my influence in a likeminded community. Who knows?