Adopt some Dialogue!


Hi-yo! Since NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) is approaching, I am taking a little break from poems for now. I signed onto the WriMo challenge of writing a total of 50,000 words in November — yes, an entire month! So I may be out a while, but I till then, I am happy to post bits of interesting/funny/witty lines and dialogues, which I have collected over the last few years. Lots I made up all by myself, some are partly composed, and a few others aren’t original but are too good to pass up. Who knows? Maybe in the future I’ll even post summaries and tidbits from the novels I’m writing.

I wrote these to post in the Adopt a Dialogue forum in the Adoption Society page, which you can find here. To all NanoWriters of this coming month…I wish you utmost success at reaching your goal!

1) C1: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

C2: Me? Kidding you? Stand-up comedy isn’t my only profession, hon.

2) C1: Ready for this?

C2: Absolutely NOT!

C1: Well spoken. *pushes off ledge* Now tell that to the ground!

3) C1: You quit your sassing right now, son, or I’ll smack ya all the way to New York!

C2: We are in New York, duh. *C1 smacks him.*

4) C1: I think I finally got my temper under control! Come on, try me.

C2: Aw, is that C1? She’s so cute!

C3: *Blows fuse*

5) “NO, SHUDDUP, ROMANTIC MUSIC! I AM NOT GONNA LET YOU DEFINE MY LOVE LIFE OR MY FUTURE HUSBAND!” (Bonus points if the speaker accidentally falls into guy’s arms right before romantic music blares on)

6) C1: Hi! I’m C1, and I am a new recruit!

C2: I’m C2, and I eat wannabes like you.

C1: Excuse me? I have a Neutrino 3000.

C2: Neutrino 5000 here.

C1: My brother is a black belt, and he can lam you.

C2: Well, my brother is a sumo wrestler.

C1: My great-uncle has a Katyusha!

C2: Yea?! I have an espionage team at my disposal, a variety of machine guns, and a girlfriend! Take that, pea brain.


C3: Ugh! So immature! And I thought you guys worked with peace treaty relations!


8) “Ooh! He’s cute! Can I keep him?”

9) C1: Look, sir, I’m on the run from a bipolar sociopathic sadist, and if I haven’t dropped dead before he’s done hunting me down, humanity is doomed!
C2: Look, hon, I’m an insurance agent, not a psychotherapist. And I’m certainly not a psychiatrist either, which you definitely need to check out. You know, for your melon.
C1: This is serious! Why, in another minute I-
C2: -could die, yes, I know; that’s what life insurance is for. Your number, please?


Celebrating You

DSC01377I had the honors of reciting this poem in memory of my uncle during the Celebration of Life memorial. You will be missed.


Now that your angels have come to take you home

Today I commemorate to you this simple poem

You were the definition of one who never said die

Someone who wholeheartedly thrived

Like that one time you fell through a building

And somehow, you survived

You took life by the reins

Lived it to the fullest

Skiing, running, hiking, camping and more

You inspired us with your boundless zest

Which is why we never thought you’d be gone

One slip, and it affects everyone

Hence why we celebrate life

With its glory, its gladness,

Its sadness, its strife

Today we celebrate you

To us you’re not truly gone

You live on in our Heidelmann home

And the mountains

And the tender trails

On any soil, where nature lovers roam

You know, this club reminds me

Of your joyous spirit still

We’ll carry on,

Keeping you alive in our hearts we always will

Once again

In loving partings and embraces

Auf Weidershen.


Falling for You


If anyone asks, I guess this would sum up what my love life is like. 


Every blood-chilling song

Is saturated of you.

All the familiar scents

Become the fragrance of you.

I keep looking up

Expecting a presence dear

As though you were

Flitting somewhere near

Funny how your shining essence

Screws me over once, twice more

Am I enough?

I have no strength

To endure you, you I so adore


I want to reach out to you

This moment, blink-and-you-missed;

How ironic that though you’re so real

To each other we don’t even exist.

The Set Apart


For anyone who has ever experienced isolation of any form. 


I am a raven
I am white
Near, but
Out of sight
These ravens
They peck
Not knowing
They peck at
You think you’re
Someone’s writing desk
Yet your screams
Scream of the

I pluck my feathers and I call
For birds of my flock
Much as they cast me down, I fall
Across the wind of life

‘Neath the broken skin and plumage
My down is their own color
No matter; in wild detachment I rummage
Throughout the winds of life

Zephyrus, listen to me now
You rein my own path;
Only you can steer how
I travel the wind of life

With this mantra

I have no choice
But to continue
To fly on this wind of life …


Back in the Days of Summer Nights


Happy first of autumn, everyone! With that said, I’m assuming the title is self-explanatory. Time for a nostalgia trip!


Summery nights:

Cricket chirps echo in the unseen

Swathed by balmy blazes of heat;

The smell of sun-dried earth

The sound of cracked pavement ‘neath my feet.


Summery nights:

I stroll through the moon-bathed dark

When all my fears float free

Swept off by a caressing wind

Only in this seasons does this force visit me.


Summery nights:

They rush in, they chat, Then comes the time to part.

I know, because a leafy gale told me so

But till next time…summer lights shall live

On in my heart.


Some people will buy pumpkin spice lattes and incense to get into the mood. Tiffany Wrightey here, meanwhile, is set on being more active on this blog as well as her fashion blog this season. Then maybe go out and smell the rain and leaves. What are YOU doing this autumn? Tell me in the comments section!

Summer Bliss


Maybe I’m considered a little late, posting a summer poem in the middle of September. However, autumn isn’t officially here till the 22nd of September. And I want to submit some old poems about summer, which have a farewell-to-summer feel to them. So, perfect timing!

I composed this with a story behind it. It was the end of 8th grade. It marked the start of summer, a long-awaited trip overseas for vacation, and then a transfer to a high school at the end of the season. At that time, being a thirteen-year-old was hard for several reasons.(Which thirteen-year-old doesn’t have it hard?) But when all these changes came along, it made me hope it would be for the better.

As it was, I had a heck of a nostalgic summer.


Do you remember

Hot, sticky nights when I couldn’t sleep?

Smelling the sun-baked pineapple softness,

Its overripe sappiness on the table counter would seep?

The freshness of another morn;

And some birthday surprises around, too

How the sun beams would always leap

Into those bless’d days anew?


Do you remember

Kayaking at the lake with friends?

Feeling the hot sun beat ‘pon your back,

While thinking: “I hope this never ends”?

The lazy brush with each coming day,

Hoping they’d sweep you off to who knew where;

Yet still hoping for that one wish it can send,

Thus fulfilling my desire, answering my prayer?


Do you remember

That summer, when my lifelong wish actually came true?

Grabbing on with a leap of faith,

When off to that faraway land we flew?

When I basked in that summer warmth

When I kept in mind the memories

I wanted to share with you

About my unforgettable time overseas?


It’s called summer bliss.


Image of You

Short Peter Pan Hair
Picture courtesy of: Howard McLaren and R+Co

Think back to a time when you saw an absolutely stunning picture of somebody. It might be someone from a painting, from a photograph, or even just someone random from the internet. The last part applied to me(Image above is one example). Did the image make you wonder who the person really was,  and their age, their likes, dislikes, morals, beliefs, personality etc. ? Did you ever want to look inside their soul to see if it reflected their outer beauty?


Life didn’t lie when it promised to become


My absence of slumber always driving me


A hot, sticky night, and I couldn’t sleep

So I surfed a screen-size respite — I couldn’t keep

From coming back

To the image of you

Image of you.


T’was a restless night with a busy day


But oh, infinite joy! Tonight I found from where the image


I never thought I’d find you out, pixie muse

The cause of my lost sleep, a lackluster excuse

Till that morn

I knew,

I knew…


I thought you this fantasy creature in my


Till I found your starlet background in a lonesome


But! limited was the window to your surface life, I fear

Yet you could’ve conquered the world with your countenance mere

Blossoming into something more

I wish,

I wish…


Your brow is clear, as is your manner and


Youthful eyes fixated on a goal you so wanted to


That’s okay, I just wish I knew you better still

But I never did, and I never will

You’re an aesthete’s lost dream…




It’s ethereal beings like you that drive me into lonesome


Or maybe it’s just the intense heat wave, driving me


I can’t find anyone in your semblance, they’re all gone

Yet against all reason, I keep searching on

For how could I not?

How could I not…?


So if my fancy-shmancy poetry lingo wasn’t comprehensive enough, in the end, by a stroke of luck, I found out only a little shred of basic information about who my person of interest was. Anything more about them, or who they are as an individual, I’ll probably never find out. It’s trifling things like this that make me sad. 😦

But then, that’s coming from a person(Spoiler alert: me!) who started crying because she fears she’ll fail the math test she did today, because it makes her incompetent, because it’ll make her fail the entire course this semester, because it’ll set back her dreams and hopes forever, because…see where I’m going with this?


I Never Knew


Personally one of my favorite poems that I wrote. Don’t know why, I guess it has a  personal and satirical tone to it.


What is the meaning of life?

I don’t know


What will my future be?

I have yet to know


But other facts in life?

They’re too well hidden

Like chance shut them away, forbidden

I wonder,


But some truths…

I never knew


I never knew

A keen sting of a bee

Nor the buzz of a flea

Goodness knows, I learned a little science

But everything on earth is too far-fetched for me


I never knew

If someone just passed away,

Who now was just born;

How my friend is dong

And what fallen star is left forlorn


I never knew

Winter in Russia

What are my parrot’s thoughts

My sister’s wildest ideas

Including hers that mine are not


I never knew anyone’s actual life

I’ve yet to find my own

Where destiny awaits

How time will unravel as I’ve grown.

Crying is a Joy and Sorrow


I used to cry. Chronically. It got so bad that I’d cry daily about all my sorrows and frustrations, and I was very insecure about it, like there was something wrong with me. Like I was a crybaby. And there was very little I could do to stem the flow. But since there were no other ways to let out my frustration, what better way than to just weep through it, right? I wondered how to translate my emotions into a poem, and as I searched within myself, I came to realize that yea, being a soppy, sniffling mess isn’t fun, but tears broke me down so they could build me up.


Crying never helps,

So they say,

It withers your stamina

And drains your day.


But sometimes,



That’s not always so,

If you only knew the reason behind it though.


It helps to shed your sorrows

To purge emotions running wild

‘Specially if you’re passionate and feeling,

The end results are soft, calm, mild.


Every tear

Makes your stronger

They teach you to immune against the bad

They teach you to look at a new day

To teach you to be feeling, sensitive

They teach you to find beauty, outside and within

They teach you to laugh at mistakes,

For success is still yours to reap.

They teach you to face life

They teach you how to become that better, wiser you

That’s how tears can be but precious

pearls of passions…


So smile as though it were your last

And glance at the rays of sun.

Sunrise is always the wiser

Than moonlight’s continuous run.


Tears tear up your world, I know;

But see it as a helping hand, not a friendless foe.


Ah, tears…a big part of a poet’s life. But without them, I wouldn’t have this blog for myself and everyone to enjoy.

So here’s the thing: if you absolutely feel the urge to cry, then cry. I don’t care if you have to do it privately or while pouring out your troubles to a loved one. Just cry. I heard stories from people who liked to keep it all in. And you know what? It broke them down physically. But when crying, you have nothing to lose but a little less weight on your shoulders. In the end, this isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a sign that we have human limitations and crying is a biological, healthy reaction to overcome them.

Sun, Rise and Set


I wrote this one a while back, before my perspective of the world became more complex. The main idea of this poem is relatively simple: A rising sun is a metaphor for good times, and a setting one for the bad. Still, I thought I’d put this here because a lot of the poems I wrote so far are meant to be a timeline of how my ideas developed.

Subject change. There was a time in my life when I was suffering from an internal demon. It was disguised as a thought, a passion, and it gave me false feelings of elation and  warmth. But I knew the deceptino behind those feelings, and just knowing the evil behind it left me upset. It left me with mixed feelings, which I didn’t know how to resolve. Then once during a run, while I stopped to catch my breath, I could observe a beautiful sunset ahead of me. And in a metaphorical sense, I saw a correlation between that sunset and my current struggle…and at that moment, I knew just what to write about.


When the sun rises,

My world is full of surprises

The foremost infant rays peep out

Bold and true, spreading the faith and joy

For us to enjoy.


At that, my soul yearns a smile

Spreading my utmost ecstasy, from mile to mile!

Flying like an arrow does my loving laughter

I want to live on this earth forever after!

Skip, laugh, the world may leap;

I’m soaking in all the beauty I can seep!


These are the good days, the ones

That shine on us like a million suns

Prove the world your reasons to grin

Your hope shall fully win

That’s how my world consists of surprises

When the sun rises.


When the sun sets

My world is full of regrets

Creatures of the air tuck in their wings; good night!

The fading sun hides out of sight

Luck isn’t here to shine on me

Pitch-black is all I see.


My mood dips down to the bottom slide

There is naught a smile so wide

This ere clammy gloom infects everyone

For gone out of our lives is that essential sun.

My world eclipses,

Those gloomy days — they leave a scar, a mark!


Some days are like that one,

Some of us need a sunny bliss to come.

Yet — days do need rest, to sleep.

All the world is still, not even a peep.

That’s how my world consists of sunsets,

How we sometimes have regrets.