Writer’s Reverie


Famous writers and the thinkers got some of their finest ideas from walks. I’m a writer myself, so I see how this applies.


Borne of summer strolls untold

Into evenings where countless stories unfold

The road ahead was void of cars

And I alone played an orchestra to the stars


They shined their blessings from celestial seats

Meanwhile, I looked beyond perennial streets

Pondering clues for my desired path

For answers to a writer’s insatiable wrath


A scent, a sight, a cricket in the stillness rang

And suddenly, my own image, out it sprang

It lived, it breathed, it wandered like me

But would a cold-stone world accept it with the same glee?


I still haven’t caught the muse hiding in evening black

But it’s time I head home and turn back

The gravel below crunched, but it wasn’t me

For I walk the footsteps of another, you see…



Star Wars: An Epic


My friends are Star Wars fans. So it’s no surprise that when I asked them what my next poem should be about, they suggested something Star Wars related. Sadly, while I don’t feel fangirly tendencies towards Star Wars , I wrote a poem retelling of The New Hope, so spoilers (Doh!) if you haven’t seen the actual movie.


In a galactic setting far away,

The forces of Light and Dark clashed day to day

The Rebel princess, a warrior of her own, had a plan

But she was caught before her droid friends ran

Carrying her message plea, to the Binary Planet.

With Luke Skywalker, a dreamer boy they met;

Obi-Wan, a neighboring Knight of lore helped unfathom to the unlikely trio

Our heroine’s desperate audio:

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.”

Take the plans to her home, and find the ways of the Force; could you cope?

Said Old Kenobi to the dreamer youngling

Luke declined, but on searching the plans, Imperials have killed his guardians dear

And so a trauma’d Luke knew he had to flee from here.

Thus marked the beginning of a journey to an uncertain THERE —

That Luke knew not the ends of where.


The quartet became six

When they hired a smuggler and his Wookie

To sneak them to the Princess’s home with their smuggling tricks.

Then — Alack! Too late!

Though Princess fought, the evil-tainted Grand Tarkin

He condemned her Alderaan home to its deathly fate.

“I sense a wound in the force,” Obi-Wan with a tremor said,

“And the darkest of darkness fills the void in its stead:

Darth Vader.”


Worse comes to worse:

The Imperial Death Star lures the motley crew into their hold

Little did they know, it was a crew of motleys bold

From the Base did Luke and friends save the Princess of certain death;

Meanwhile Obi-Wan with his great Force breadth

Had a meeting with the great Ruthless one himself:

Darth Vader.

Destiny lost, and great Obi-Wan fell

Luke’s grievance his fellow escapees could never quell.

Said the passionate dreamer: “In the wake of this Imperial thrall

I desire to see the Death Star fall.”


He joined the Rebel Squad, though few survived

To fell that Star where evil thrived.

Darth Vader, doer of countless sins

He fought his own with fighter Luke;

The star battle begins!


A leap of faith

Takes its course

When whispers to Luke the Obi-Wan wraith:

“Use the Force.”

‘T would be seconds till the Imperials fired, won the time race

But the Force-filled Luke heeded and destroyed the Death Star base.


The Princess laid honor on the Knight anew

As did she the smugglers, since they helped the cause too.

Darkness stand by!

From where you’ve spawned

We have new souls, ready to right all that you have wronged.


Stars Wars really does sound a type of story that can be turned into epic poetry.



Along the Road


A life lived happily is a state of mind.


Skip, skadoodle and bang,

Dancing footsteps on the road rang

From slight, silvery steps.

Maybe life can be this way lead,

Minus the ditches, rocks and ruts

One eager foot after another

Is the correct way to tread

We needn’t remain in bleak depths…



Take Me To Disneyland

Went to Disney. ‘Nuff said.



Oh, unraveled future!

Sweep me off to the land of fantasy

The land of dreams and daring

The land that never sleeps

The land of love, life, laughter abound

Where memories are for keeps

How do I begin? Ah! I’ll tell you!

And then you

Shall come




Just imagine!

The whole Disney concept…started with a mouse

It sparked stories, smiles and ‘toons

It sparked the spirit of childish wonder

It sparked a whole new world…like on a flying carpet

Over, sideways and under

We enter our own Disney story!

Trust in me, and you won’t be sorry

To have




But what you can find!

In the heart of Disney itself

You’ll meet those Disney characters you so loved,

in Fantasyland, Adventureland, Toontown — what more?

You’ll brave those sweeping, swirlin’ rides

It’s a ton of magic to explore!

Your carriage awaits…don’t look back

For in a land of everlasting ever after, what can lack

In a world




I went for my graduation. Have you ever been to a Disney park? Tell me in the comments section!



Wrote this poem to recite at my 8th grade graduation. While I’m luckily out of school forever now — HAHAAA — it’ll be fun to look back at the poem that was a mark of another milestone in my life, don’t you think? Even though I was so nervous reciting this at the podium that it might have ruined the experience a bit, heheh…



The Wolf

Composed this for a play within a friend group, and later recited it in a talent show in high school. Good times.



Sharp, dangerous teeth

Yet clear, wary eye

Creature is tough, fast and unique

As the moon reflects its howling cry.


Its solemn, dignified air

Makes it in all ways fair

Yet a terror to easy prey

Makes it a terror everlasting

For all who have this to say.


Yet the wolf is also faithful

To its pack and family.

Its sacrifice and diligence

Is forever a sight to see.


As the wolf continues to lead its pack

His skills to fight and survive will never lack.

Just Dreaming

Mind you, I tweak these old poems a little because they’d sound more, erm, cheesy if I didn’t.



In the midst of a hectic life

I look up to the light

And dream about something bright

I concentrate instead

Not on submerging, struggling strife

But something better lead


I dream about

Flying o’er hills

Or swimming underwater with fish

Whatever it be, it gives me thrills

Traveling wherever and galore.


I can soar anywhere

Imagining the wind

Blowing in your face

And doing somersaults and that kind

When zooming along in grace.


I can be a ballet dancer

Leaping into the air

I’d have no care in life

And I’d also run

And jump…on white, fluffy clouds

It’s a huge pile of fun

Everything is perfectly fair…


I can remember the happiest moments

And bittersweet times of nostalgia

That way, in a sense,

You live in it all again

All lovely as a rainbow

After the rain.


All the prettiest life scenes

All the happiest times

I’ve always remembered and sought;

Well, that’s why I’m always lost in thought

As constantly as I’m making up rhymes.


But more than I’ve wanted to say:

Always remember to follow the future

Chasing your dreams along the way

But knowing: somewhere you’ll find happiness

Despite despair and then some,

So I wouldn’t say it’s none too painless

But remember hopes and dreams

And work on perseverance too,

That way

I’d say

All your wishes will come to you!



Just another poem from yours truly’s novice past.


We all start with the saddest

For all is dead

But then there is Hope,

One that evil will dread.


Hope is so very valuable

Never let it go!

And it’ll fill you with utmost joy

In a life that doesn’t smoothly flow.


So what is hope?

It’s when you ask for another CHANCE

Or simply, when dreaming.

Always hope for the best!


Ode to Rijik

     Influenced by “Ode to Mi Gato” and, like the original poem, dedicated to a pet cat that I loved. Rijik couldn’t regularly come inside our home as we had people allergic to cats in the family, but I let him know that he was so loved no matter what.

Rijik (Рыжик) — an endearing Russian name for anyone orange-haired.


My Rijik

My dear, beloved pet

I represent this song

From me to you

And an ode too…


Ever since

I first set eyes

On your flame-colored pelt,

I saw how you were intelligent:

You walk in quiet dignity

You are patient as you stalk

While catching prey

As you silently crouch

Then WAIT,

Green eyes flaring

And muscles braced and tense

And then,


A flicker of prey

Fire-cat leaps



   And finish!

That’s how my outsider cat

In the midst of cold nights

Blazing heats

Wears fire

And a heart of instinct,

Bares his teeth

From cruel nature

With his survival skills flaring

Like his flame pelt.


Yet my fire cat

Takes a part


Warm in heart.

He loves Twolegs,

He loves us,

We feed him cat-food-and-milk

In addition

We feed him our love

And he rubs and curls up

Full with satisfaction

And happiness

When he is among us,

With us.

And when I grasp his paw

In his sleep

And I breathe in his scent

He doesn’t mind

But shifts closer

And closer

And I see this tight bond

Between him and me

Me and him.


Orange-Haired is my best pet

With his flame-colored fur,

Bright blazing eyes,

Quiet, humble dignity

And he never complains

When his fate leaves him outdoors

Like a wildcat

But inside,

He remembers this bond

Between us.

I’ll always reach

My paw out for him

And Rijik,

My own,



Will always reach for me.



R.I.P Rijik

The One Poem That Started It All

Good day!

All righty…first blog post, first poem! Well, okay, it’s been years since I wrote this poem — I was the tender age of 12, in fact! It’s pretty elementary, yeah, but this poem is pretty significant to me because it was one of my very first ones. It also paved the road for other future poems of mine. My friend to whom I dedicated this poem said she liked it, so maybe I got inspired by her words. Or maybe the very process of creating something for people to enjoy was so fulfilling in itself. Either way, here I am 5 years later, prepped to share my poems with the world.

Here’s the scoop: I’ve accumulated and written lots of poems over the past years since starting, so I plan to post my old and best ones — maybe tweak them if needed — to share them with you. Would be interesting to see how my poems developed over time. After that, I could use this blog to inspire myself to write more poems and post them as often as I can. You can also throw at me any future poem ideas; that would also be a fun challenge, not to mention helpful!

Let’s see where this takes me!

-Tiffany Wright

Best Friends