I’m Tiffany Wright, the aspiring poet/writer of Inner Yuugen. Why is my blog called Inner Yuugen? Well, one of the reasons I write poems stem from little moments of yuugen in my life — it only takes an effort to stop and meditate on them — and the result are feelings so unique and colorful and aesthetic to me that I can only express them through poems.

I write poems about anything, really — basically, what inspires me within a moment. This blog is mainly meant for my poems, but time to time I will also post witty/interesting one-liners that fiction writers can adopt, novel ideas, and even song lyrics.

If you want to use my poems or song lyrics for any reason, feel free! However, please credit me when doing so.

Last but not least, if you have any poem subject/theme suggestions, tell me about it and I’ll turn it into a poem. Let’s make poem-writing mutual!