Split Halves

abstract break broken broken glass
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I trudged around the block




Unbelieving —

Even though I deserved it.

Pandora’s Box, if you will,

Infected my dreams and shining hopes.

There she was in the Land of Ago

Another time,

Another place,

Another whisk,

Another space —

Intermingling with mine.

Cold stiff grace the pavement before me

Like the purgatory that raged inside,

A loop of despair that tugged at

My thoughts,

My dreams,

Ones that were bursting

At the seams —

I was hung in my own existential limbo.

Never mind that first impression don’t exist;

I only know what I know when I am




And finally weeping —

Because finally, your being became my downfall.

But one hour to the next — I am revived once more.

I deciphered your core, for you complete me;

Till our ends meet I’ll keep




Dreaming —

For humble fate calls me to heave hard, and lay low.

The Cafe

background beverage breakfast brown
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The cafe is where I

Spend afternoon musings

Drinking in…the scent of spicy tea

And the shards of homely memories

Contingent throughout

While Francois Hardy crooned her love

To the spring rain and wind

Tapping at our door —

The honeybunches.

Will you notice at last?

That faithful rendez-vous

I chose in your name

Before I ever knew you were.

Complete my picture

Of tranquil excellence,

Else I’ll sip into further ruminations

And lose my mind to eternal abidings,

The cafe and its sweetly promises

As I just…dream away.