Muse, My Muse

I’ve been gathering ideas for a while. Now I present to you, my grand finale, my pièce de résistance, my…well, you know. 


There was a magic in the wind tonight,
Toned with a watchful violin strain
As the heartbeats of the wild join under the rein
Of its ruler, a descendant of the night.
Her footsteps bare and so light — so light!
For dreams in which I’m once more fain,
I’d catch you though in vain
Break the circle and she’s out of mind, out of sight

She struts the catwalks of the roof’d tippy tops,
Your boundless zest implores me to stay;
You’re a sinner’s divine intervention, I pray?
You embody my evening throes of art
For who else created your nymphish rite of twists and hops?
I’m afraid, Pixie, you sniggled your way into my heart!

And if you call for her, watch the stars adorn her windswept hair
As she clambers up the sky and sings “Kayama!” to the prince of the air.


To the one who’ll never know:

I hope Fate flings you

Butterfly kisses

And transcends you into the

Wild and solitary plains of

The Africano.

It sings of the rush

of Mother Nature’s blood;

I am wading through it all —



– T. W