Magnum Opus

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Cartoonish caricatures of fishies are

floundering in my periphery

while my clone lies sprawled under

scrutinizing starlights.

She’s writhing,


O my love,

what did I just do to you

in those milliseconds, grains of

an existential high

infecting the air?

I’d nurse you

Like a mother and her squalling child.

But I’ll send another

in my midst,

nary knowing that

the one who watches over you

like God and his Book of Life

is me.

Breathe Me Alive

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One glimpse

and I want to

stroke your face

up and out,

round and about,

like the masseur at the spa.

Cup your face against my palm

and I’ll trace your veins as they

lead to your heart —

but maybe I’ll contend with

ticking you on the underarms



Is it wrong that I want to

entwine my body around yours

till you’re close



to my core,

to the soul hidden beneath my soul

and our pulses beat as one

and I can just maybe,


breathe you in?


Please cradle me

so I can snuggle my ear to your chest

and hear an lively ocean

surging inside,

and I’ll know you’re real

when I fall asleep

and all my realities become a dream

as your body beside me fills my lungs

with your scent.

Remember butterfly kisses? The ones where

we’re so close our eyelashes

are touching?

They’re now goldfish nips

because now I’ll cover your face

with sloppy, open-mouthed kisses.


Maybe one night

under the covenant of

a balmy evening

I’ll introduce you to the star-struck sky

because it’s always watching.

I’ll kiss your nose

so that my blessing will extend

down to the tips of your toes.

And while your breath is still fresh on mine

I’ll trace your lips

so that with mine, I’ll imprint onto you

my fiercest declaration:

you belong to me,

and I

to you.


The Numbing

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The numb love

gushes through my veins,

grasps the arms

in a death grip and

extends into the elbow and

through the shoulders,

surpassing the naked blade

in a delicious furor and

entwines itself

around the sinews of my heart.

I am brimming with you.

One climatic squeeze of my centerpiece


Might revise later. 

From the Eye of the Beholder

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I’ve followed where your footsteps graced the ground,
Where your pulsating spirit once permeated an entire landscape;
All I do is tune in to the ghost of a sound
And I can finally escape…


Are you okay…?
Are you aware?


Tap into my remnants, into the folds of my brains
And you, are you staring at the same moon?
Anon, the day the visions start to wane
Is the day I can finally see you soon.


Does your existence mean anything to me anymore?

Split Halves

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I trudged around the block




Unbelieving —

Even though I deserved it.

Pandora’s Box, if you will,

Infected my dreams and shining hopes.

There she was in the Land of Ago

Another time,

Another place,

Another whisk,

Another space —

Intermingling with mine.

Cold stiff grace the pavement before me

Like the purgatory that raged inside,

A loop of despair that tugged at

My thoughts,

My dreams,

Ones that were bursting

At the seams —

I was hung in my own existential limbo.

Never mind that first impression don’t exist;

I only know what I know when I am




And finally weeping —

Because finally, your being became my downfall.

But one hour to the next — I am revived once more.

I deciphered your core, for you complete me;

Till our ends meet I’ll keep




Dreaming —

For humble fate calls me to heave hard, and lay low.

Play It Again

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The nice thing about poems is that there’s no wrong or right way to write one You just do. Meanwhile, I wrote this poem almost as though a sensation called “automatic writing” came over me.

What’s this one about? Hmmm. How do I tell you this…it’s pretty speculative. Wishful, I daresay. And the piano can be a metaphor, I realized…


I saw you in the piano room today

I saw,

I saw,

How your concerto was only child’s play

The keys mourned the end of a summer breeze

Such longing! I thought the night-stilled air would freeze

Meanwhile you were lost in a soliloquy

I just lay there and felt your eternal sigh


I’d be the gem to your forte

I wish,

I wish,

In those same little notes that swept my breath away

You said the time, while it lasted, was a bliss

What, no parting kiss?

I’ll hear of you again, if the future’d entail

For Anthony Greninger lingers on in your trail…

Why You?


Ah — one of my favorite poems that I’ve written.


I don’t know why

From mere memories of you my world

would always reek

I don’t know why

I cling to the crease of your smile against

My teary cheek

Why is my bubble of burning effervescence

Built upon your imaginary presence

Nothing to hide, yet nothing to show


I don’t know why, then

My degrees of heartaches become a-tenfold

I don’t know why, then

Your beating pulse against mine turns cold

This feeble string of fervor I cast between us

Succulent, but superfluous

Only to be ruptured with a savage blow.


And so, I ask:

Why you?

In Dedication

IMG_20180506_000702992 (1)

I just had to finish this poem today. But then, I just had to procrastinate from homework at the same time, you get me?


I may not have much

But I have a world of love

Much I have naught

But I have this tenet to prove

That my heart holds a breadth

Ne’er short of inner wealth

That the shine that wealth prolonged

Will give me you, to whom I always belonged


I’ll give you my world

For the moon is waning and unfit

Walk you through a balmy standstill of a night

Adiemus — can you hear It?

I’ll give you a song of my feeling’s worth

One you’d never know or miss

Your aura makes me replete

Stand still — I’ll blow you a kiss!


I’ll give you the scenery, for it sings of you

To which it triggered senseless hope

That I’m here for your love

But to what scope?

I’ll give you my state of mind

For I’m scared, but otherwise my mind is one infernal

I’ll give you my soul

Old as time, fiery as life eternal


A Time When I Wasn’t

Courtesy of: Torley


 My family and I were driving to the midnight Easter service. On the way, I got bored, so I listened to Resonance by HOME, a song that belongs to a subgenre of music called Vaporwave. It really succeeded in reflecting the feelings I had inside. Happiness in looking forward to this celebration, but also unexplained anticipation. Maybe a little nervousness and excitement. All of that, or the nostalgic vibes the song gave out, was what gave me the idea for this poem. Now the night before Easter will never be the same again.

Bottom line, Resonance by HOME makes any experience memorable as long as you’re listening to the song in that moment. That’s the brilliance of HOME.


A wistful vagueness presides over my aura

The night was clearer than ever

Now wasn’t the time,

Now I was headed to a service sublime

But do I regret these impressions viewed from my window?



This ‘ere song from a vintage past

It crooned of simpler days,

It blasted my hopes into the freezing air

Carried me back to a time that wasn’t there

And I couldn’t help answer with a melancholic gaze


Here it is, by the way: HOME – Resonance

Now I have a challenge for you: listen to the song while doing something (Homework, cruising on the streets, daydreaming etc.)  Did it make what you were doing more memorable? Enjoyable? Tell me in the comments how it made you feel! Really dig into it!