Soul Requiem


A busy life strikes again, as does inspiration for my poems…

This was written when I was worried what a life beyond high school would be like…you know me, neurotic and all…


I have a problem

It’s called a fear

Its freedom-lusting jaws

It would always tear

At my heart

At a soul that bears no pain

I condone all life’s every trial, terror, demon

All in vain

But is it just me?

Just desire for strength

To stomach these grievances

Life flings at me

I want to stand again,

Breathe again,

Be free!

Am I too nerve-wracked?

Am I too weak?

To face my immortal sin

And turn the other cheek?

I sing this song of dread

Then ask myself instead:


What will life be like?


Artificial Clouds


Clouds. Sometimes so beautiful and perfect they look…well, artificial.





Rinsed-out pieces of chunk

Suspended in mid-air on puppet strings.


White Clouds:



Sun-shone against a sky-blue background screen

Are there even such things?


Sublime are they,

Seem those unseemly puffs without a trace of bland

But I assure you,

Such ethereal beauty indeed comes from Mother Nature’s hands.

Adopt Some Novel Ideas Pt. 13

1. Dear Lord, give me patience and give it to me NOW!!!

2. C1: I love you. *Kisses C2*

C2: Thanks, but you’re aware that I’m currently kidnapping you, right?

3. I’m a nice person, but these shmucks are enough to make me break 6 of the 10 Commandments.

4. Aww, it’s so cute. I wanna strangle it. 0.o

5. If that’s a problem, close your eyes, shut your mouth, and go hide under a rock.

6. Sorry, I don’t speak karate.

7. My mom says that if I don’t stop playing this song, she’ll smash my head into this keyboard. Lol I think she’s just asd;lkjaopgi jlvfdmfb./dfbkdfb fld;dfg gf

8. Difficulty level: Asian.


I’m going back to writing poems. This time I’ll try to experiment with different poetry styles and categorize them as such.

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Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 12

1) C1: Darling, how many times must I tell you to stop judo-flipping your classmates whenever you’re having a quarrel?

C2: But I’m competent, Mom!

C1: You’re eight!

2) C1: Trust me!

C2: Last time I did, I got shot. So no.

3) Sorry, I speak American.

4) If at first you don’t succeed, then skydiving is not for you!

5) Next time you wave, use all of your fingers. Please?

6) Whoever believes in telekinesis, raise my hand.

7) Always remember that you’re unique, just like everyone else.

8) Auntie Em: hate you, hate Kansas, taking the dog with me. -Dorothy.

9) Don’t drive and drive. You might hit a bump and spill your drink.


4 through 9 I believe I copied from somewhere on the internet — but they were too good to pass up. 

Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 11

1. Yes, I know the plan is both crazy and brilliant. Crazy-brilliant. A pity that more people don’t ask me, “Honey, how is some barbed wire, a rake, and a pet turtle gonna help us make a proper getaway?” instead of making cuckoo signs behind my back.

2. C1: Oh, C2, C2, I’ve missed you so much…

C2: I was only gone for a few hours! Are you okay?

C1: You have no idea! *Hugs C2*

C2: Okay, yeah, I’m calling the doctor.

3. *Shows photo* Have you seen this thief? He has stolen my heart and I need it back ASAP.

4. Okay, now you can faint.

5. Russians…rebelling against authority since 1917.

6. Well, coming from a trigger-happy maniac like you, I guess it’d make sense that you’d name your gun Peek-A-Boom. 

7. You’d better leave now for your safety…my sadistic tendencies are creeping up on me again.

8. For the last time, no! I didn’t steal your cat and eat it! I don’t care if I’m from [name of country]. You’re making me look bad!

9. C1: You’re insane!

C2: Honestly, are you that dense? I thought you knew that already.


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Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 10

1) Congratulations, you just won the Poolitzer Prize for crappiest journalism ever.

2) C1: Guys, it’s confirmed! C2 is in love!

C3: And why do you think so?

C1: She’s doing sappy-talk in Italian again — you know, the language of love and all?

3) C1: Why didn’t you just kill me when you had the chance?

C2: Because I don’t just kill people, you know. Plus, I love you.

4) At first sight, I thought my captor’s face looked like that of an angel’s. Even when she waved that shotgun at my face, she was still an angel to me — an angel with a shotgun, that is. Oh, wait…that’s my Stockholm syndrome kicking in again.

5) *Facepalm* Mental note to self: never recruit another hormonal teenager for this job.

6) C1: Wow! Shut! Up!

C2: Shut up.

C1: I know, right?

C2: No. “Shut up,” as in, “shut up” shut up.

7) He’s the type of person who would bite off a lipstick chunk just because it smells yummy.

8) C1: I wish I lived in your shoes, so I could be with you every. Step. Of. The way.

C2: I wish I was Clorox bleach so I could drink myself for your cringy pick-up line I get told.

9) C1: Did you just assume my relationship status?

C2: Why, yes, you special snowflake.



Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 9

1. This is why I hate secret agents. First you think they’re on your side but nooo, they’re actually on the other team. Then they make this huge scene of repenting and coming back to the good side, and even then they still have questionable motives. Hence the term, “Double-double agents.”

2. Death: the solution to all the world’s problems. That or Nutella. Choose one.

3. C1: Why do you curse at people in [foreign language]?

C2: Because it’s cooler to condemn people in [foreign language].

4. …Because I’m freaking Batman, baby! [jumps off building]

5. C1: You-you just saved my life.

C2: Duh! I don’t just let people die off like that! It would hurt the economy!

6. I’ll hold, you punch.

7. He does his talking with an axe. Go figure.

8. If what he says really is true, then my name is Princess Anastasia!

9. Right to bear arms? Ridiculous. Did you know that in my country, we have rights to entire bear?