From the Eye of the Beholder

Photo by Amine M’Siouri

I’ve followed where your footsteps graced the ground,
Where your pulsating spirit once permeated an entire landscape;
All I do is tune in to the ghost of a sound
And I can finally escape…


Are you okay…?
Are you aware?


Tap into my remnants, into the folds of my brains
And you, are you staring at the same moon?
Anon, the day the visions start to wane
Is the day I can finally see you soon.


Does your existence mean anything to me anymore?

I’m Just So

Emotional frustration.


I’m so-o-o

Lonely —

Look at the ducks bathing for their daily love ritual!

The river mollusks are cheering on the show and…

I’m so-o-o


Without our aura to

Splash my life into endless hues

Like the blue-belled blossoms interwining

Over the river bed which we call home —

They’re dancing to the rhythm of the

Wind chimes, see!

I’d dedicate you to one of myself;

But what would you say if I lost two?

Feel my pulse beside me,

And peer into

The mellow-sallied sun, abiding its sweet time;

Cast your bond so we can cement two memories into one quintessential moment: