Don’t Waste Your Love On Me

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I simply don’t have time tonight

There be watching, a dozen scrupulous eyes blazing bright

Romantic; though built on an insufferable trifle

The living breath out of me I stifle, stifle, stifle

Nay, don’t lay eyes on a picturesque image of broken identity

Don’t waste your love on me


Your doting, your hindsight, your wily-dily woo

Will rouse no bygone heart; it just won’t come through

You wonder: why?

Well, what if my time isn’t nigh?

The thing is, what I want to say is, I forgot

Don’t invest your love in hearts that cannot


I’m not real, see; not to them, not to you

Just a lil’ figment of an ideal you thought you knew

Seek me, love me, keep me, die

You can even put that in order, though they all might try

And your idol thus said: “I’m sorry.

Don’t waste your love on me.”


*Does productive stuff for the past two hours* Okay I’m bored now. What should I do next? Hmmm-hmmm…