Adopt some novel dialogue part 3

1) C1: Evil forces are coming into this world…
    C2: *Gasp* You mean…a zombie apocalypse?
    C1: Duh, no, don’t be silly, zombies don’t exist!
    C2: Well, stop being so dramatically ambiguous! For all I know, the government will ban cupcakes and make us hop on one foot with crossed eyes while while singing “I’m a Little Teapot” forwards and backwards. *Shudders* Whoever bans cupcakes is pure evil.
2) First shape-shifter: I’m an elephant! *Turns into elephant*
    Second shape-shifter: I’m a mouse! Everyone knows elephants are afraid of mice! *Turns into mouse*
    First shape-shifter: Oh, silly, don’t you know that’s a myth?
    Second shape-shifter: Oh. Ok. Well what about THIS? *Turns into Adolf Hitler*
    First shape-shifter: *Freaks out in elephant form*
     Second shape-shifter: Ha! even elephants are afraid of Hitler. Boy, that’ll kick some butt.
3) C1: Let ‘er rip! *Shoots but force of the blast propels C1 backwards*
    C2: “Let ‘er rip”? Seriously?
    C1: Hey, it’s my first battle!
4) Old granny with a gun: *Kicks store door open with foot and points gun; has a crazed look on face* Heeeere’s Johnny!
5) C1: *leans forwards to resuscitate nearly-drowned and unconscious C2*
    C2: *Surfaces to consciousness with a jerk and spits water into C1’s face* STOP!!! DON’T KISS ME!!
    C1: There’s a difference between a “kiss” kiss and a kiss of life, you know.
6) C1: *Pestering C2 who gives C1 the Silent Treatment* Come on, C2! Say something, do something, anything! I want an answer from you!
    C2: *Sucker-punches C1* Was that what you wanted?
7) *Whenever anything at all goes wrong* “Thanks, (Person who is constantly blamed for everything)”
8) A perpetually angry C1: All right, I’ve had it, I’ve had it! That’s it! That’s the last time this bumbling, blithering old crone gets her way. Next time, I’ll-” *Trips and falls, not for the last time in the story*
     C2: Yo, dude, you might wanna work on your anger issues? It’ll be healthier for you
9) C1: Sadly, my friends, as of this moment, I will have to depart. Au Revoir, au Revoir, parting is such sweet sorrow… *Turns to part…and lands in a hole. Gets up* THAT WASNT IN THE SCRIPT!

Adopt some dialogue for your novel, pt. 2

I’d update more, but all of a sudden I got bored. And busy. Lol.



2. Girl: *sees a guy* Ooh! He’s so cute! Can I keep him

3. C1: Look, sir, I’m on the run from a bipolar sociopathic sadist with allies up his allies, and if I haven’t dropped dead before he’s chasing me down, we’re doomed!

C2: Look, hon, I’m a Social Security clerk, not a psychotherapist. And I’m certainly not a psychiatrist either, which you need to check out. You know, for your melon.

C1: This is serious! In another minute I-

C2: -could die, yes, I know; that’s what social security is for. Your number, please?

4. On a scale of 0 to 200, you are simply the lowest common denominator of intellect.

5. C1: Oh, come on, I don’t see what’s so wrong abut C3. She’s spunky, cheerful, sweet, loves puppies, and-

C2: She was an unhealthy obsession with guns. Watch…

C3: *Polishing a Dragunov sniper rifle while grinning* Soon…soon…

6. The bad guys’ plans are simple: kill off our race, preserve living space for [enemies’ preferred race], and kill anyone else who disagrees. Basically make a reign of terror.

C2: Hey! Sounds just like Hitler!

C3: So much for the ‘history repeats itself’ part.

7. C1: Duuude, how can you possible even think of me having a thing for C3?! It’s not like I care abut his puppy-dog clumsiness, his witty one-liners… *sniff*… the way he brushes his air out of his face… *sniff sniff* the way he flashes his cute lopsided smile at me every time I save him from accidentally mutilating himself with those stupid bread knives… *Bursts into hysterical tears*


More coming soon!


Adopt some Dialogue!


Hi-yo! Since NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month) is approaching, I am taking a little break from poems for now. I signed onto the WriMo challenge of writing a total of 50,000 words in November — yes, an entire month! So I may be out a while, but I till then, I am happy to post bits of interesting/funny/witty lines and dialogues, which I have collected over the last few years. Lots I made up all by myself, some are partly composed, and a few others aren’t original but are too good to pass up. Who knows? Maybe in the future I’ll even post summaries and tidbits from the novels I’m writing.

I wrote these to post in the Adopt a Dialogue forum in the Adoption Society page, which you can find here. To all NanoWriters of this coming month…I wish you utmost success at reaching your goal!

1) C1: You’ve gotta be kidding me!

C2: Me? Kidding you? Stand-up comedy isn’t my only profession, hon.

2) C1: Ready for this?

C2: Absolutely NOT!

C1: Well spoken. *pushes off ledge* Now tell that to the ground!

3) C1: You quit your sassing right now, son, or I’ll smack ya all the way to New York!

C2: We are in New York, duh. *C1 smacks him.*

4) C1: I think I finally got my temper under control! Come on, try me.

C2: Aw, is that C1? She’s so cute!

C3: *Blows fuse*

5) “NO, SHUDDUP, ROMANTIC MUSIC! I AM NOT GONNA LET YOU DEFINE MY LOVE LIFE OR MY FUTURE HUSBAND!” (Bonus points if the speaker accidentally falls into guy’s arms right before romantic music blares on)

6) C1: Hi! I’m C1, and I am a new recruit!

C2: I’m C2, and I eat wannabes like you.

C1: Excuse me? I have a Neutrino 3000.

C2: Neutrino 5000 here.

C1: My brother is a black belt, and he can lam you.

C2: Well, my brother is a sumo wrestler.

C1: My great-uncle has a Katyusha!

C2: Yea?! I have an espionage team at my disposal, a variety of machine guns, and a girlfriend! Take that, pea brain.


C3: Ugh! So immature! And I thought you guys worked with peace treaty relations!


8) “Ooh! He’s cute! Can I keep him?”

9) C1: Look, sir, I’m on the run from a bipolar sociopathic sadist, and if I haven’t dropped dead before he’s done hunting me down, humanity is doomed!
C2: Look, hon, I’m an insurance agent, not a psychotherapist. And I’m certainly not a psychiatrist either, which you definitely need to check out. You know, for your melon.
C1: This is serious! Why, in another minute I-
C2: -could die, yes, I know; that’s what life insurance is for. Your number, please?

Celebrating You

DSC01377I had the honors of reciting this poem in memory of my uncle during the Celebration of Life memorial. You will be missed.


Now that your angels have come to take you home

Today I commemorate to you this simple poem

You were the definition of one who never said die

Someone who wholeheartedly thrived

Like that one time you fell through a building

And somehow, you survived

You took life by the reins

Lived it to the fullest

Skiing, running, hiking, camping and more

You inspired us with your boundless zest

Which is why we never thought you’d be gone

One slip, and it affects everyone

Hence why we celebrate life

With its glory, its gladness,

Its sadness, its strife

Today we celebrate you

To us you’re not truly gone

You live on in our Heidelmann home

And the mountains

And the tender trails

On any soil, where nature lovers roam

You know, this club reminds me

Of your joyous spirit still

We’ll carry on,

Keeping you alive in our hearts we always will

Once again

In loving partings and embraces

Auf Weidershen.


Falling for You


If anyone asks, I guess this would sum up what my love life is like. 


Every blood-chilling song

Is saturated of you.

All the familiar scents

Become the fragrance of you.

I keep looking up

Expecting a presence dear

As though you were

Flitting somewhere near

Funny how your shining essence

Screws me over once, twice more

Am I enough?

I have no strength

To endure you, you I so adore


I want to reach out to you

This moment, blink-and-you-missed;

How ironic that though you’re so real

To each other we don’t even exist.

The Set Apart


For anyone who has ever experienced isolation of any form. 


I am a raven
I am white
Near, but
Out of sight
These ravens
They peck
Not knowing
They peck at
You think you’re
Someone’s writing desk
Yet your screams
Scream of the

I pluck my feathers and I call
For birds of my flock
Much as they cast me down, I fall
Across the wind of life

‘Neath the broken skin and plumage
My down is their own color
No matter; in wild detachment I rummage
Throughout the winds of life

Zephyrus, listen to me now
You rein my own path;
Only you can steer how
I travel the wind of life

With this mantra

I have no choice
But to continue
To fly on this wind of life …