Waves of post-summer heat

rippled through afternoon’s lonely lil’ lot

like the contractions in my chest

and rhythmic pounding of tennis shoes

against the sun-weary gravel,

feet carried by the languid shrug

of a melody spilling over my life span

or at least what I know of it till now.

The buzz of anticipation

offers no solace

in seeing the one I love and fear

materialize into my mind

before finalizing into the

painful notion called “reality.”

And yet, I requisite no action either

for whatever is realer than my real

is all the worse for my chakra.

And I ponder all this

while the heat strikes my blazer

worn to reflect my image reincarnate —


like the tears in my eyes

that turned the vicinity blue and green —

and crashed

bringing down a cacophony of

memories and snippets and anything


And so I’m

running running running

as yesteryear’s autumn shadows

slink in front of my path.


what a pleasure to see all and nothing

in the sad summer heat.

At least I see color again.

And with that said,

I bravely meander

from bomb-shelter of a school to the car,

for today’s survival game is complete.

In the meanwhile

I pray I won’t spill my guts,

and with them

my feelings for you

borne out of freak chance

and absurd timing.

Old Love

Photo by rovenimages.com on Pexels.com

This old song

reminds me of the old love;

of chemical synapses

and aimless relapses

and then the lack thereof.


It niggles in the crevice of my mind

Waiting to latch onto sight,

And then it’s a fusion

Of rapture and willing delusion;

But only when the time is right.

Soul Requiem


A busy life strikes again, as does inspiration for my poems…

This was written when I was worried what a life beyond high school would be like…you know me, neurotic and all…


I have a problem

It’s called a fear

Its freedom-lusting jaws

It would always tear

At my heart

At a soul that bears no pain

I condone all life’s every trial, terror, demon

All in vain

But is it just me?

Just desire for strength

To stomach these grievances

Life flings at me

I want to stand again,

Breathe again,

Be free!

Am I too nerve-wracked?

Am I too weak?

To face my immortal sin

And turn the other cheek?

I sing this song of dread

Then ask myself instead:


What will life be like?