Time to Dream Again

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

I like visiting my friends’ houses. In fact, I always liked visiting houses, any kind of houses. Homely, lively houses scented with human warmth. Maybe because it’s easier to pretend that I’m anticipating my crush, muse, or imaginary soulmate behind the walls. The indoors smell more distinct in the winter and it gives my imagination some leverage.

Or maybe I’m just projecting the smell of the eucalyptus wood from the living room into other people’s residence.

It’s that time of the year…

Back in the Days of Summer Nights


Happy first of autumn, everyone! With that said, I’m assuming the title is self-explanatory. Time for a nostalgia trip!


Summery nights:

Cricket chirps echo in the unseen

Swathed by balmy blazes of heat;

The smell of sun-dried earth

The sound of cracked pavement ‘neath my feet.


Summery nights:

I stroll through the moon-bathed dark

When all my fears float free

Swept off by a caressing wind

Only in this seasons does this force visit me.


Summery nights:

They rush in, they chat, Then comes the time to part.

I know, because a leafy gale told me so

But till next time…summer lights shall live

On in my heart.


Some people will buy pumpkin spice lattes and incense to get into the mood. Tiffany Wrightey here, meanwhile, is set on being more active on this blog as well as her fashion blog this season. Then maybe go out and smell the rain and leaves. What are YOU doing this autumn? Tell me in the comments section!

End of Summer


Perfect timing.


The end of the season

Brought to a close

Even when there’s a reason

Summer comes and goes

Do you know your summer’s a-fading,

Do you remember?

The hot sun, the warm cooled nights waning

Into September.

School was gone, and I — carefree all along

Oh! Now my old school worries are back

As that sun sets, I’m in sad song

Oh those shining days, soon to lack

The air becomes crisp and chill

The leaves old and red

The clouds and rain will settle, they will!

But I’m snuggled warmly indoors, surely said.

Autumn is here!

Everything comes to a close!

Just remember that in every season there,

It changes as the wind blows.


Annnd that’s my poem about my favorite season back from my 8th grader self! Does anybody else anticipate the end of summer? Tell me in the comments!