The Abyss

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Rummaging through my Poetry course portfolio to churn something out before the end of this month, be like…

There’s a deep dark place

in the corner of my mind



fed by the despair that

my love is not real –

not the love I thought it was.

And when I remember,

oh, remember –

that sweetly snide face

of Nevermore.

I fall down,







and tears

and where the walls

of self-doubt close upon me every night

because I’m not worthy.

I’m not owed a drop

of response and



are an insufferable bitch.

Should I retrieve my poems from my latest Poetry course from this summer, before they disappear? I jotted them down so quickly to make time for other classes, yet the poems truest to my heart have been the most introspective.


The Numbing

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The numb love

gushes through my veins,

grasps the arms

in a death grip and

extends into the elbow and

through the shoulders,

surpassing the naked blade

in a delicious furor and

entwines itself

around the sinews of my heart.

I am brimming with you.

One climatic squeeze of my centerpiece


Might revise later. 

Lavender Poodle

First, some news. I am taking a Poetry course at my college, and the prompt was to write about an ordinary object that transformed in some way. And is has to be free verse. Now knowing me (and all my poems on here so far), I don’t write free verse very often because it’s not my favorite poetry style to write in. But so much contemporary American poetry is free verse. Crazy! I much prefer rhyming scenes, but okay then. So I wrote Lavender Poodle based on the prompt.

Second: I’ve written my first guest post! I found lifesfinewine when she liked one of my posts. She writes inspirational quotes, issues on psychological health and positivity, and promotes guest bloggers. So I offered to write a guest post. And guess what? It seems that some people really seem to like it… ;). Check it out here!


She was the the color of her scent

when Mom popped her in for introductions;

she was stuffed full of lavender fragrances

when she crowned my bedside that night;

and one whiff takes me take to Zen zone

intro a headspace I long…forgot.





I spilled all

the night I cradled my poodle

as though I cradled my long-lost love…

I breathed in the scent

and I forgot all

because I just…



I lost my little poodle one day

I know not where,

all I have is

her heart —

her bean-bag, lavender heart

filled with my love and pain,

and it still pulses

with lavender residue

when I microwave it

and cradle it

like I cradle a long-lost love.

I’m Just So

Emotional frustration.


I’m so-o-o

Lonely —

Look at the ducks bathing for their daily love ritual!

The river mollusks are cheering on the show and…

I’m so-o-o


Without our aura to

Splash my life into endless hues

Like the blue-belled blossoms interwining

Over the river bed which we call home —

They’re dancing to the rhythm of the

Wind chimes, see!

I’d dedicate you to one of myself;

But what would you say if I lost two?

Feel my pulse beside me,

And peer into

The mellow-sallied sun, abiding its sweet time;

Cast your bond so we can cement two memories into one quintessential moment:



To the one who’ll never know:

I hope Fate flings you

Butterfly kisses

And transcends you into the

Wild and solitary plains of

The Africano.

It sings of the rush

of Mother Nature’s blood;

I am wading through it all —



– T. W


The Cafe

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The cafe is where I

Spend afternoon musings

Drinking in…the scent of spicy tea

And the shards of homely memories

Contingent throughout

While Francois Hardy crooned her love

To the spring rain and wind

Tapping at our door —

The honeybunches.

Will you notice at last?

That faithful rendez-vous

I chose in your name

Before I ever knew you were.

Complete my picture

Of tranquil excellence,

Else I’ll sip into further ruminations

And lose my mind to eternal abidings,

The cafe and its sweetly promises

As I just…dream away.

This Crowd of Us

pexels-photo-9816You’ve been in a crowd, right? A crowd of people, all unknown faces to you, going to class, to commute, or anywhere, really. Has anyone felt a strange loneliness in this crowd, like you’re among people, but at the same time not? I do. All the time. Then I remember that we are all interconnected by our own walks in life, insecurities, experiences … our own definition of loneliness.


Merging into the sea of masses

I am.

A wave sends an anonymous sea of souls

Where I go

Maybe stay and chat,

At least a little greeting?

Your faces are always new

Unlike the path I’ve already taken, repeating

You’re unaware

I see.

Boisterous as the tales of late

I know.

Just kidding, I thought

I’d find someone who reminds

Me of me.

I know you not

It’s true

But I as an individual

Am a drop in an ocean of us

Just as us is an ocean

In a drop of me.

Running Power

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Guys. You have no idea how long I waited for the right opportunity to take this picture on the track field.



I feel



Heart whipping the veins

Legs pounding

Lungs heaving

Breath chugging

Muscles relieving

And I’m accelerating faster

And faster

And faster

Till I’m one with the wind

My legs a blur.


My body will tire

But my spirit flies


And free

Like the wind

With a whoosh