Muse, My Muse (Edited Version)

silhouette of girl during evening
Photo by luizclas on

Edited because I turned it into a more authentic version of a sonnet — one that contains iambic pentameter and a volta. This was assigned to me last semester for extra credit, so I took my previous poem and tweaked it into a bona fide sonnet. 


There was a magic in the wind tonight

Toned with a majestic violin strain

As her wild heartbeats join under the rein

Of its ruler, descendant of the night.

Her footsteps so bare and so light — so light!

For dreams in which I’m once more free and fain,

I long to catch and keep you, though in vain…

Suddenly she’s out of mind, out of sight.

…And night comes anon, but please do not yet depart.

There’s a fog-screen incoming — I’m seeing

A tale of my life, and you play a part.

You embody my evening throes of art,

For who else created your nymphic being?

Pixie, you snuck your way into my heart!

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