What I’d Only Do

silhouettes of couple kissing against sunset
Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

I got some phlegm to clear up, folks.


I’d bring you flowers everyday.

Compliment you everyday.

Pay both our expenses everyday,

because I’m just that way.

Cuddle with you.

Put my head on your shoulders.

Clasp your hand to my cheek.

Stroke my fingers up your delicate throat

and around your face

and cup the nape of your neck

as I nudge your face right in front of mine,

till our noses are touching and we’re

devouring each other’s presence

in wide-eyed wonder.


And then…


my lips would slowly,


close onto yours and

inhale a deep breath from yours

that reaches deep into my lungs

and across my tippy-tops and toes

and quake my starving soul

like a cup of mead

spilling its wholesome glory

over you.


I also want to feel your pulse.

You know that?

And hear your heartbeat when I

lay my ear onto your chest

and hug your knee closer to mine own,

maybe caress it

because it’s spindlier than the rest.


You just have to let yourself let me. 



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