Writing Contest + Publications!

Hey, all:

I got some news: my short story got published on Short Fiction Break, an online magazine!

Last month I submitted my short story in a contest on thewritepractice.com. Great site. It gives you creative writing tips, provides contests (for a fee), and you can post your working stories/chapters in exchange for feedback from other readers. Pay another fee, and you can hire professionals to give you some constructive criticism.

For so for this contest, our assignment was to write a short story, no longer than 1500 words. Guidelines: the entire story should take place in one room. Flashbacks don’t count.

The winners should be announced soon, but all the participants, winners or not, get published for three months on the magazine, as long as you workshop your story. I mean, it’s not an especially big hurdle to be published on there, but as you can tell, I am happy I got published for the first time.

Here’s a excerpt of my short story. Take a peek!


Kathy Garcia was nosing around the living room of the lodge, looking for an outlet to charge her phone with, when she nearly threw up.

The nausea came from terror, panic and excitement, and this cocktail of emotions hit because she saw Savian Fletcher in the forefront of the living room, sprawled on a cushy couch and mashing his thumbs against the buttons of an old Gameboy. He didn’t notice Kathy enter.

Kathy let her shock absorb until it was replaced with a nervous euphoria. Savian Fletcher’s neck-long, wavy hair was sprawled so flawlessly against the couch pillow, and even in his casual wear, when he wasn’t in a suit delivering a breathtaking viola solo for the world to witness, he looked beautiful with his shapely nose and piercing green eyes. No, beautiful was an understatement – his good looks coupled with his musical talent made him Apollo reincarnate.

She tiptoed towards him and in a quick, giddy gesture slid her hands over his eyes. Savian startled, groped at her hands, and peeled them off as he turned towards her with shining eyes.

“Hey, you,” he said, half-laughing and swatting at her hands in a playful jest. “What are you up to?”

“Oh,” she bantered, “I’ve been looking for an outlet to charge my phone with, but I guess I found you instead.” Then she cupped his face between her hands and leaned in to lock lips with his, a dose of euphoria erupting all over her body at contact…


For the rest of my story, go to the magazine site here. You’ll find me as Tiffany Wright. 😉

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