6 Questions to Ask Yourself

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My best friend and fellow aspiring author recently sent me several creative-writing-related blog links. The how-tos, the tips and tricks, and everything else to up your skill level. Here is one example. Among stashes of posts which go date back as far as a decade ago, I found a one titled, “6 Questions to Ask Yourself” meant as a conversation starter and for bloggers to answer and publish on their own. I figured, “Hey, how about I write my own answers for the world to see!” Oh, and bonus, because now you finally take a look into my soul. That’s always fun…huh?

Let’s start:

1. If you could ask Jesus anything and know you’d get an answer, what would you ask him?

A: I believe in Jesus. This one was relatively easy to answer.

Dear Jesus,

Is there a purpose to suffering? Children are starving in Africa, North Koreans dying by the millions, and Russian orphans who can’t be adopted simply because of the law of a few corrupt people. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Then there’s me, the neurotic writer-wannabe who wants to help everyone she can, but doesn’t even know how how to stem her own suffering. To this day I’m still not secure in my identity and I feel pain because of it. So yes, I suffer too because I need to help myself first. Is there a reason why I’m enduring what I’m suffering now, and why others suffer the different levels or pain that they do in this world?

2. How have I changed?


Pros: I am now more proactive in my desires. Whereas I used to dream of being a “somebody”, now I’m not just dreaming, I’m doing. Okay, trying. I’ve also become less negligent of school work and more disciplined. Grades always mattered to me, but right now, they matter a lot.

Cons: Is there such a thing as, “too much motive?” Apparently there is. Now I feel more hectic than ever trying to achieve everything at once, trying to be everything at once. And even then, the nagging voice is telling me that I’m not proactive enough. When I fall short of achievements, I get pissed, and I fall into a cycle of further negativity. I’m a slight workaholic who hasn’t picked up a movie or anime show since Easter because I have a huge fear of laziness.

3. How do I need to change?

A: I was always a competitive kid. But it didn’t matter so much back then. And sure, Mom yelled at me more when I was that lil’ ankle biter who didn’t give two damns about my homework. But you know…it wasn’t always that way. When I was younger, I had goals…but I didn’t lose sleep over not being where I am in life. My anxiety was short-lived, and life was felt more like playgrounds and daydreaming and sunshine and butterflies compared to today. I needed to be competitive against other people’s achievements, but also against myself. One of these days I need to take a chill pill. Oops, wait — I’m already taking prescribed medication for anxiety. Hahah. But seriously.

I need to learn more compassion towards a wider range of people. Like my sister. Bless her heart for all her help, from fashion photoshoots to English essays! Even though sometimes I took this help for granted. I’ll always owe you one, sis. Yes, that’s the word: compassion. Even for those whose opinions differ from mine, for those who act like jerks, and for those that society has been taught to look down on.

4. What are my values?

A: The old saying has always stuck: do unto others as you want them to do onto you. And let’s face it, there’s always that one person you just wanna throw a brick at. But no matter how angry I am, my moral code dictates to never say anything hurtful or lift a finger to harm anyone. That includes no gossip, no self-righteous outbursts, and always telling the honest truth. I make sure I’m polite to others, help those who ask for it, and above all, show love to everyone. But these efforts would be for naught if I didn’t actually mean them. Distorted as my own version of love feels like right now, I want to learn to love unconditionally.

5. What you do want?

A: Ah, good question.

To get over my existential crisis. (What, I’m only 18, yo!)

A productive job.

Several skill sets.




An optimistic outlook.

A Soulmate


Just kidding, I really need a peace of mind more than anything else right now.

6. What’s next?

A: Keep living. Just keep doing whatever I’m doing.

Including blogging.


Some of those questions did not come out the way I expected them to! But, I guess that’s what happens when you get personal.

Annnd that’s it! Not only a fine conversation starter, but a prompt to help you find yourself. Deep one.

If you have any responses to share, let me know in the comments!





2 thoughts on “6 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. I used to be a very competitive person. A strong desire will only bring you fear. If you put yourself in a situation that you always have to be the best than others, you must feel the anxiety because you are not good enough to beat every enemy who is better you. it is not a good idea to override anxiety. , you can think that you want to be the best, but it is not necessary that you must be the best, the extreme tension of achievement must bring you an extra fear and anxiety, once fear comes, you can never discard fear, you can only merely distract yourself. Yourself from yesterday is always your enemy today. It looks like you admitted your dream, which is great. You do not have to think you want to be someone else, it is right you can project your future sharp from someone else, but you and that person would never be the same, you are Tiffany Wright , that is why people love you, you are special to everyone as well as I am a fool, that is why people love me. Therefore, If you are willing to change, it is great for you, but you are not changing for others, you are always changing for yourself. When I was 18, I do not even think to love unconditional, but should we love unconditional? What is love? What is suffer? On the other hand, You Just do what you can do now, you do not need to think what you can not do because it does not help you at all. I see suffer a human cognition, I am glad that I can suffer because it brings me an understanding of others and things. Once, I felt suffer, I can feel my real happiness. Suffering is not a bad emotion at all. you are an ambitious person, I like it. Hopefully, my comment inspires you to think more. I am a fool who always have time to leave a comment on your blog even though I am busy currently. It sounds like I am the only one who is negligent in my life and not being hectic in it. You are perhaps better than me in the real life LOL!!

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