The Love Cycle

Board Heart Play Over Love Off End Separat

Took the best part of my Thursday night to finish this poem. Can I just say…Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.


A lightning shot of thrills

Ravaged through my brain

A pinch of giddy, shock, dizzy

Riling the blood again and again

I can’t move, I can’t breathe

Disturb my ecstasy, and I’ll seethe–

A delight I imbibe and drain


A want so HERE, I can taste it

You’re not real, not to any but me

Swathed in your closeness

Everyone becomes nobody

The spike of satisfaction peaked

My heart is primed to be wreaked

I’m one smothered schmuck, but I’m — free


Questions clutter the space

There where safety once presided

How, I wonder, and — WHY

Is the day anon still one-sided?

Distraught turned to despair

As it tinged my own breathing air

I’m so stupid, so divided…


I’m a slave to myself

Just as I’m a slave to you

I undertake the remedied soul-ripping

And have none but myself to rue

Why did you ever exist?

You’re so beyond ideal, I feel whisked

Into obscurity — I’m fading, flying, ado


I tried to stem the flow

Though only time knows when

This caustic scab they call “love”

I will gracefully shed

An eternity later, I crawl through

I wake up an amnesiac anew…

Before the cycle hits me hapless again



3 thoughts on “The Love Cycle

  1. Taste the blue, know the food.
    Is he eating? He is draining.
    A start or the end? Time’s gone.
    He is old, he has seen ahead.
    Time is fate, life is waves
    He smiles, others laugh.
    The world is fun, but he feels it.
    The misery, the gift from the great mother.
    Own the wonder to lose the wonder.
    He obtains nothing, he loses nothing.
    He is exhausted, he wants losing nothing.
    Who am I? Who is he? Does it matter?
    I am nothing, he is nothing.
    He loves once, but he cannot resist the nature.
    The pattern,
    Happy to sorrow, nothing becomes something.
    Live to death, love to divorce.
    The sky is laughing, the wind is laughing, everyone is laughing.
    Is he a fool? Yes, he is a fool, but he understands the pattern of nature.

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