A Smile for Everyday


Guys! I found one of my poems that dates way back to sophomore year when I submitted it for a poetry contest, and I’m laughing at how cheesy it sounds now…


For so long as I remember
Each day brings forth new sunrises
Inevitably, with bliss shining forth,
Filled with big and small surprises.

As I’m blinking in the generous morning light
Greeting the early day,
My happiness is hither
Always residing, always underway.

Even though we have our rainy days,
That’s only part of spring;
But I will wait for those clouds to pass
For a rainbow to arrive, for the earth to sing.

And suddenly I’m spending time in the beloved outdoors
Soaking in cherry blossoms’ sweet air,
Or breaking through the water sprinkler’s fresh spray
I shall forever laugh, and laugh without a care.

It’s the smallest wonders that truly matter
Wonders I always seek within the mile
All I do is spread my arms to the welcoming sky hue,
Close my eyes, take a breath, and SMILE!

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