A thought turned into

Appearance, an illusion

I captured it;

Little did I anticipate the delusion

Endowing my art

With the gift of a beating,

Living heart…

For I wasn’t satisfied

I needed a soul into the mix

So I met the owner of my prized semblance

My expectations became a transfix;

Didn’t match the picture-perfect persona

I first made them out to be

But their daring exuberance poured

New life into me

The warmth of a new friend’s touch

The pulpy sweetness of their image finessed

I grew fond of

Life’s living best

And just like that,

I fell hopelessly obsessed.

My life was complete

…but I wasn’t satisfied

I needed more

And for more I dug

Into the innermost of their soul

Masked in blanks unsaid,

Suspicions to be dread

I grew doubtful

Every request of mercy for them

Came up empty-handed and hopeful

What secret are you hiding, my pretty?

When I dared, again I looked

What I found left me shook’d

Congratulations, your sly countenance

Tricked me!

The rain of sorrow was great

But I’m not here to tell that type of story

Even though I begged and denied

Pleaded and revived

I approach once too close; and

I end up still sorry

The darkness in you is wholly



A voice whispered:

“Who do you worry?

I’m still here,

A lone concept you take for cheap

A figment of your passion

But willingly yours to keep.”

I took my heart back

From one who was already void of existence

Instead I distilled it back to the ghost of





One of my most favorite poems that I have composed; ironically, I was in depression at the time. A depression I’d never want to experience again, even if it prompts a million poems.

Also, I’m doing a slight revamp to my blog: I’m reorganizing my past poems into subcategories on my home page.


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