…Thus, the Candid of Life


Do you remember that moment when you realized something pivotal about the way our world works? Whether it was something wonderful, horrifying, upsetting or something that simply blew you away? And you realized: “Gosh, how naive I was!”


I just can’t even


The complex and the simple

Of life and life inbred

Why can’t the Supreme


And provide that heavenly promise instead?

The shocks and shakes I get,

I behold,

I’ve seen too much;

Was that what Mother once foretold?



I cry —

Life’s too candid

To ask in retrospect —




Did Hope hang far but near?


Does Faith fall botched?


Is love in all its intrinsic dear

Leave an exasperating legacy unwatched?


As Digital’s users once told me:

I can’t even…

I won’t even…

Life’s compass in all his sin is set

I couldn’t even…

I wouldn’t even…

I can’t…



If you think this sounds absurd, you’re right. 


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