Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 10

1) Congratulations, you just won the Poolitzer Prize for crappiest journalism ever.

2) C1: Guys, it’s confirmed! C2 is in love!

C3: And why do you think so?

C1: She’s doing sappy-talk in Italian again — you know, the language of love and all?

3) C1: Why didn’t you just kill me when you had the chance?

C2: Because I don’t just kill people, you know. Plus, I love you.

4) At first sight, I thought my captor’s face looked like that of an angel’s. Even when she waved that shotgun at my face, she was still an angel to me — an angel with a shotgun, that is. Oh, wait…that’s my Stockholm syndrome kicking in again.

5) *Facepalm* Mental note to self: never recruit another hormonal teenager for this job.

6) C1: Wow! Shut! Up!

C2: Shut up.

C1: I know, right?

C2: No. “Shut up,” as in, “shut up” shut up.

7) He’s the type of person who would bite off a lipstick chunk just because it smells yummy.

8) C1: I wish I lived in your shoes, so I could be with you every. Step. Of. The way.

C2: I wish I was Clorox bleach so I could drink myself for your cringy pick-up line I get told.

9) C1: Did you just assume my relationship status?

C2: Why, yes, you special snowflake.



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