Adopt Some Novel Dialogue Pt. 6

*Looks at calendar. Blanches.* Is Nanowrimo really over? Well, I’ve got more interesting dialogues up my sleeve, so here you go:


1. C1: So I asked an Asian guy if he knows what a chink is. Unfortunately, he also knew kung fu…

C2: And that, my friend, is why racists are a danger to themselves and society.

2. We were supposed to be a team! You know, let wounds heal, scars fade, forget it all ever happened! But hooo no, you just had to play the “My-father-killed-your-father” card all over again.

3. She’s so brilliant that ever her cussing sounds smart.

4. I’m anything but realistic.

5. So…I guess that’s what an internet troller looks like. You disappoint me.

6. C1: You-you lied!

C2: I make a pretty convincing liar, don’t you think?

7. Gun and bazookas and toothpaste, sure, you never forget to pack those for dire situations, but why do you always forget to pack the food? Haven’t you heard of starvation?

8. C1: Hey, are you two, like, a thing?

C2: Chew on this, mister: I stalked him, threatened him, shot him, kidnapped him, fought him, threatened him again, and psychologically tortured him all in the course of three months. So how can we possibly be a couple?!

9. C1: …Girls do crazy things when you’re in love. Your point?

10. C1: C4 is totally mine!

C2: No, he’s mine!

C3: *Puts blade at C4’s throat* Nope. You want him? Better get through me first.



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