Adopt some dialogue for your novel, pt. 2

I’d update more, but all of a sudden I got bored. And busy. Lol.



2. Girl: *sees a guy* Ooh! He’s so cute! Can I keep him

3. C1: Look, sir, I’m on the run from a bipolar sociopathic sadist with allies up his allies, and if I haven’t dropped dead before he’s chasing me down, we’re doomed!

C2: Look, hon, I’m a Social Security clerk, not a psychotherapist. And I’m certainly not a psychiatrist either, which you need to check out. You know, for your melon.

C1: This is serious! In another minute I-

C2: -could die, yes, I know; that’s what social security is for. Your number, please?

4. On a scale of 0 to 200, you are simply the lowest common denominator of intellect.

5. C1: Oh, come on, I don’t see what’s so wrong abut C3. She’s spunky, cheerful, sweet, loves puppies, and-

C2: She was an unhealthy obsession with guns. Watch…

C3: *Polishing a Dragunov sniper rifle while grinning* Soon…soon…

6. The bad guys’ plans are simple: kill off our race, preserve living space for [enemies’ preferred race], and kill anyone else who disagrees. Basically make a reign of terror.

C2: Hey! Sounds just like Hitler!

C3: So much for the ‘history repeats itself’ part.

7. C1: Duuude, how can you possible even think of me having a thing for C3?! It’s not like I care abut his puppy-dog clumsiness, his witty one-liners… *sniff*… the way he brushes his air out of his face… *sniff sniff* the way he flashes his cute lopsided smile at me every time I save him from accidentally mutilating himself with those stupid bread knives… *Bursts into hysterical tears*


More coming soon!


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