Celebrating You

DSC01377I had the honors of reciting this poem in memory of my uncle during the Celebration of Life memorial. You will be missed.


Now that your angels have come to take you home

Today I commemorate to you this simple poem

You were the definition of one who never said die

Someone who wholeheartedly thrived

Like that one time you fell through a building

And somehow, you survived

You took life by the reins

Lived it to the fullest

Skiing, running, hiking, camping and more

You inspired us with your boundless zest

Which is why we never thought you’d be gone

One slip, and it affects everyone

Hence why we celebrate life

With its glory, its gladness,

Its sadness, its strife

Today we celebrate you

To us you’re not truly gone

You live on in our Heidelmann home

And the mountains

And the tender trails

On any soil, where nature lovers roam

You know, this club reminds me

Of your joyous spirit still

We’ll carry on,

Keeping you alive in our hearts we always will

Once again

In loving partings and embraces

Auf Weidershen.


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