Summer Bliss


Maybe I’m considered a little late, posting a summer poem in the middle of September. However, autumn isn’t officially here till the 22nd of September. And I want to submit some old poems about summer, which have a farewell-to-summer feel to them. So, perfect timing!

I composed this with a story behind it. It was the end of 8th grade. It marked the start of summer, a long-awaited trip overseas for vacation, and then a transfer to a high school at the end of the season. At that time, being a thirteen-year-old was hard for several reasons.(Which thirteen-year-old doesn’t have it hard?) But when all these changes came along, it made me hope it would be for the better.

As it was, I had a heck of a nostalgic summer.


Do you remember

Hot, sticky nights when I couldn’t sleep?

Smelling the sun-baked pineapple softness,

Its overripe sappiness on the table counter would seep?

The freshness of another morn;

And some birthday surprises around, too

How the sun beams would always leap

Into those bless’d days anew?


Do you remember

Kayaking at the lake with friends?

Feeling the hot sun beat ‘pon your back,

While thinking: “I hope this never ends”?

The lazy brush with each coming day,

Hoping they’d sweep you off to who knew where;

Yet still hoping for that one wish it can send,

Thus fulfilling my desire, answering my prayer?


Do you remember

That summer, when my lifelong wish actually came true?

Grabbing on with a leap of faith,

When off to that faraway land we flew?

When I basked in that summer warmth

When I kept in mind the memories

I wanted to share with you

About my unforgettable time overseas?


It’s called summer bliss.


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