Image of You

Short Peter Pan Hair
Picture courtesy of: Howard McLaren and R+Co

Think back to a time when you saw an absolutely stunning picture of somebody. It might be someone from a painting, from a photograph, or even just someone random from the internet. The last part applied to me(Image above is one example). Did the image make you wonder who the person really was,  and their age, their likes, dislikes, morals, beliefs, personality etc. ? Did you ever want to look inside their soul to see if it reflected their outer beauty?


Life didn’t lie when it promised to become


My absence of slumber always driving me


A hot, sticky night, and I couldn’t sleep

So I surfed a screen-size respite — I couldn’t keep

From coming back

To the image of you

Image of you.


T’was a restless night with a busy day


But oh, infinite joy! Tonight I found from where the image


I never thought I’d find you out, pixie muse

The cause of my lost sleep, a lackluster excuse

Till that morn

I knew,

I knew…


I thought you this fantasy creature in my


Till I found your starlet background in a lonesome


But! limited was the window to your surface life, I fear

Yet you could’ve conquered the world with your countenance mere

Blossoming into something more

I wish,

I wish…


Your brow is clear, as is your manner and


Youthful eyes fixated on a goal you so wanted to


That’s okay, I just wish I knew you better still

But I never did, and I never will

You’re an aesthete’s lost dream…




It’s ethereal beings like you that drive me into lonesome


Or maybe it’s just the intense heat wave, driving me


I can’t find anyone in your semblance, they’re all gone

Yet against all reason, I keep searching on

For how could I not?

How could I not…?


So if my fancy-shmancy poetry lingo wasn’t comprehensive enough, in the end, by a stroke of luck, I found out only a little shred of basic information about who my person of interest was. Anything more about them, or who they are as an individual, I’ll probably never find out. It’s trifling things like this that make me sad. 😦

But then, that’s coming from a person(Spoiler alert: me!) who started crying because she fears she’ll fail the math test she did today, because it makes her incompetent, because it’ll make her fail the entire course this semester, because it’ll set back her dreams and hopes forever, because…see where I’m going with this?


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