I Never Knew


Personally one of my favorite poems that I wrote. Don’t know why, I guess it has a  personal and satirical tone to it.


What is the meaning of life?

I don’t know


What will my future be?

I have yet to know


But other facts in life?

They’re too well hidden

Like chance shut them away, forbidden

I wonder,


But some truths…

I never knew


I never knew

A keen sting of a bee

Nor the buzz of a flea

Goodness knows, I learned a little science

But everything on earth is too far-fetched for me


I never knew

If someone just passed away,

Who now was just born;

How my friend is dong

And what fallen star is left forlorn


I never knew

Winter in Russia

What are my parrot’s thoughts

My sister’s wildest ideas

Including hers that mine are not


I never knew anyone’s actual life

I’ve yet to find my own

Where destiny awaits

How time will unravel as I’ve grown.

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