Revenge is Sweet


Originally I didn’t know what to call this poem. This first stanza of this poem was swirling around in my head, but I had no idea what it was about! So I finished the poem, and when it came to deciding what the main idea of this really was, “Revenge is Sweet” was the closest I could come to.


Oh, bittersweet glory!

Are you never sorry

To inflict your vengeful wrath on one?

The deed was so sour

Cast to create another realm dour

Is the selfish soul never sorry to see what was done?

The heart’s inner core, its wounded ways,

But the truth remains, the conscience stays

Is sweet revenge always won?

What is life, then? An evil spread?

Is it heartless? Is love always conquered and dead?

A blackness, to always avoid and shun?

Lives, brotherhood with whom you grew

Be sparring to those who paid evil to you.

Are you never sorry

To inflict your lustful wrath on one?


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