The Reflection

My English assignment was to write a poem in the style of “My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke. Naturally, I was pretty enthusiastic. Maybe trying to make the rhyming scene “abab” just like the original poem  was overkill, but knowing me, I love taking my experimentations with poetry to the next level! Here is my poem — I hope this will be something to please the teacher tomorrow. Fingers crossed!


My life was just ready to explore
So I start with my home
A room spilled a light on the floor
And right to it I roam

Inside I find company
She is a girl aged three or two.
I stare, and she back at me;
Chubby, lanky haired, nothing really new.

The Disney princesses were girls like me
But where is this one in her beauteous glory?
So I tell the image I don’t like what I see:
“Yup, you’re ugly! Sorry!”

I was young, I knew
It was just a first impression
But oh, what dreams those princesses rue
And turn their standards into oppression!


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