This Crowd of Us

pexels-photo-9816You’ve been in a crowd, right? A crowd of people, all unknown faces to you, going to class, to commute, or anywhere, really. Has anyone felt a strange loneliness in this crowd, like you’re among people, but at the same time not? I do. All the time. Then I remember that we are all interconnected by our own walks in life, insecurities, experiences … our own definition of loneliness.


Merging into the sea of masses

I am.

A wave sends an anonymous sea of souls

Where I go

Maybe stay and chat,

At least a little greeting?

Your faces are always new

Unlike the path I’ve already taken, repeating

You’re unaware

I see.

Boisterous as the tales of late

I know.

Just kidding, I thought

I’d find someone who reminds

Me of me.

I know you not

It’s true

But I as an individual

Am a drop in an ocean of us

Just as us is an ocean

In a drop of me.

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