Luck Runs Out


I’m finally in college. Wow. My first time, too. Hopefully as long as I’m getting enough sleep, I’ll still find time to update poems. I’m not giving up on this blog.

     This poem was based on last week’s bowling event for my birthday. Like lots of bowlers may have experienced, I would have a winning streak before all of a sudden that bowling ball stubbornly refuses to hit those pins. And you wonder if it’s just a matter of skill. Bowling feels like its outcomes are based more on luck, you see. 

So doh, of course I just had to write this.


The dog stole my scrumptious donuts a-waiting,

And on school days, my thinker never worked the long haul

Then fate decided to reveal my bowling prowess

Before it flung me four-score a-gutterball.


Is it my fault I needlessly negotiate with math?

Or school days proved me a sitting duck?

Even if genes came into play,

I blame humanity’s ups and misgivings on luck


Luck runs out,

It’s true

What’s the antidote?

I wish I knew;

I’m no genius, too,

As luck would have it.

Intuition a guessing game,

Spilled salt shakers

A mere darn shame,

We don’t win or fail

It’s only luck,

Coming out to play.


Maybe I should add that the last few lines are definitely sarcastic. Have a good night, all. 

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