A Time When I Wasn’t

Courtesy of: Torley


 My family and I were driving to the midnight Easter service. On the way, I got bored, so I listened to Resonance by HOME, a song that belongs to a subgenre of music called Vaporwave. It really succeeded in reflecting the feelings I had inside. Happiness in looking forward to this celebration, but also unexplained anticipation. Maybe a little nervousness and excitement. All of that, or the nostalgic vibes the song gave out, was what gave me the idea for this poem. Now the night before Easter will never be the same again.

Bottom line, Resonance by HOME makes any experience memorable as long as you’re listening to the song in that moment. That’s the brilliance of HOME.


A wistful vagueness presides over my aura

The night was clearer than ever

Now wasn’t the time,

Now I was headed to a service sublime

But do I regret these impressions viewed from my window?



This ‘ere song from a vintage past

It crooned of simpler days,

It blasted my hopes into the freezing air

Carried me back to a time that wasn’t there

And I couldn’t help answer with a melancholic gaze


Here it is, by the way: HOME – Resonance

Now I have a challenge for you: listen to the song while doing something (Homework, cruising on the streets, daydreaming etc.)  Did it make what you were doing more memorable? Enjoyable? Tell me in the comments how it made you feel! Really dig into it!

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