To all the souls who ever experienced aloneness. I say aloneness, not “loneliness”, because there are some who like being alone, as opposed to those who truly feel lonely when alone.


Solitude is mysterious,

Solitude is strange,

It can feel good, but it can render

Every time, it can always range


It’s when time smites me wrong

Or I’m feeling depressed

I’d join a lonely room for company

And tell it how I was stressed.


But what if you can’t stand it,

What if you’re pining for just anyone?

Keep seeking; in a world founded on those who care,

Never give up! Even if you find but one…


Solitude may relieve, it may sadden

There’s no telling what it can do and when

Meanwhile, I suggest you reframe its sharp claws

And find blessings instead in soft paws…


Hardy har harrrr, so this is how I really wrote back in middle school. 






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