Star Wars: An Epic


My friends are Star Wars fans. So it’s no surprise that when I asked them what my next poem should be about, they suggested something Star Wars related. Sadly, while I don’t feel fangirly tendencies towards Star Wars , I wrote a poem retelling of The New Hope, so spoilers (Doh!) if you haven’t seen the actual movie.


In a galactic setting far away,

The forces of Light and Dark clashed day to day

The Rebel princess, a warrior of her own, had a plan

But she was caught before her droid friends ran

Carrying her message plea, to the Binary Planet.

With Luke Skywalker, a dreamer boy they met;

Obi-Wan, a neighboring Knight of lore helped unfathom to the unlikely trio

Our heroine’s desperate audio:

“Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope.”

Take the plans to her home, and find the ways of the Force; could you cope?

Said Old Kenobi to the dreamer youngling

Luke declined, but on searching the plans, Imperials have killed his guardians dear

And so a trauma’d Luke knew he had to flee from here.

Thus marked the beginning of a journey to an uncertain THERE —

That Luke knew not the ends of where.


The quartet became six

When they hired a smuggler and his Wookie

To sneak them to the Princess’s home with their smuggling tricks.

Then — Alack! Too late!

Though Princess fought, the evil-tainted Grand Tarkin

He condemned her Alderaan home to its deathly fate.

“I sense a wound in the force,” Obi-Wan with a tremor said,

“And the darkest of darkness fills the void in its stead:

Darth Vader.”


Worse comes to worse:

The Imperial Death Star lures the motley crew into their hold

Little did they know, it was a crew of motleys bold

From the Base did Luke and friends save the Princess of certain death;

Meanwhile Obi-Wan with his great Force breadth

Had a meeting with the great Ruthless one himself:

Darth Vader.

Destiny lost, and great Obi-Wan fell

Luke’s grievance his fellow escapees could never quell.

Said the passionate dreamer: “In the wake of this Imperial thrall

I desire to see the Death Star fall.”


He joined the Rebel Squad, though few survived

To fell that Star where evil thrived.

Darth Vader, doer of countless sins

He fought his own with fighter Luke;

The star battle begins!


A leap of faith

Takes its course

When whispers to Luke the Obi-Wan wraith:

“Use the Force.”

‘T would be seconds till the Imperials fired, won the time race

But the Force-filled Luke heeded and destroyed the Death Star base.


The Princess laid honor on the Knight anew

As did she the smugglers, since they helped the cause too.

Darkness stand by!

From where you’ve spawned

We have new souls, ready to right all that you have wronged.


Stars Wars really does sound a type of story that can be turned into epic poetry.



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