Just Dreaming

Mind you, I tweak these old poems a little because they’d sound more, erm, cheesy if I didn’t.



In the midst of a hectic life

I look up to the light

And dream about something bright

I concentrate instead

Not on submerging, struggling strife

But something better lead


I dream about

Flying o’er hills

Or swimming underwater with fish

Whatever it be, it gives me thrills

Traveling wherever and galore.


I can soar anywhere

Imagining the wind

Blowing in your face

And doing somersaults and that kind

When zooming along in grace.


I can be a ballet dancer

Leaping into the air

I’d have no care in life

And I’d also run

And jump…on white, fluffy clouds

It’s a huge pile of fun

Everything is perfectly fair…


I can remember the happiest moments

And bittersweet times of nostalgia

That way, in a sense,

You live in it all again

All lovely as a rainbow

After the rain.


All the prettiest life scenes

All the happiest times

I’ve always remembered and sought;

Well, that’s why I’m always lost in thought

As constantly as I’m making up rhymes.


But more than I’ve wanted to say:

Always remember to follow the future

Chasing your dreams along the way

But knowing: somewhere you’ll find happiness

Despite despair and then some,

So I wouldn’t say it’s none too painless

But remember hopes and dreams

And work on perseverance too,

That way

I’d say

All your wishes will come to you!


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