Ode to Rijik

     Influenced by “Ode to Mi Gato” and, like the original poem, dedicated to a pet cat that I loved. Rijik couldn’t regularly come inside our home as we had people allergic to cats in the family, but I let him know that he was so loved no matter what.

Rijik (Рыжик) — an endearing Russian name for anyone orange-haired.


My Rijik

My dear, beloved pet

I represent this song

From me to you

And an ode too…


Ever since

I first set eyes

On your flame-colored pelt,

I saw how you were intelligent:

You walk in quiet dignity

You are patient as you stalk

While catching prey

As you silently crouch

Then WAIT,

Green eyes flaring

And muscles braced and tense

And then,


A flicker of prey

Fire-cat leaps



   And finish!

That’s how my outsider cat

In the midst of cold nights

Blazing heats

Wears fire

And a heart of instinct,

Bares his teeth

From cruel nature

With his survival skills flaring

Like his flame pelt.


Yet my fire cat

Takes a part


Warm in heart.

He loves Twolegs,

He loves us,

We feed him cat-food-and-milk

In addition

We feed him our love

And he rubs and curls up

Full with satisfaction

And happiness

When he is among us,

With us.

And when I grasp his paw

In his sleep

And I breathe in his scent

He doesn’t mind

But shifts closer

And closer

And I see this tight bond

Between him and me

Me and him.


Orange-Haired is my best pet

With his flame-colored fur,

Bright blazing eyes,

Quiet, humble dignity

And he never complains

When his fate leaves him outdoors

Like a wildcat

But inside,

He remembers this bond

Between us.

I’ll always reach

My paw out for him

And Rijik,

My own,



Will always reach for me.



R.I.P Rijik

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