The One Poem That Started It All

Good day!

All righty…first blog post, first poem! Well, okay, it’s been years since I wrote this poem — I was the tender age of 12, in fact! It’s pretty elementary, yeah, but this poem is pretty significant to me because it was one of my very first ones. It also paved the road for other future poems of mine. My friend to whom I dedicated this poem said she liked it, so maybe I got inspired by her words. Or maybe the very process of creating something for people to enjoy was so fulfilling in itself. Either way, here I am 5 years later, prepped to share my poems with the world.

Here’s the scoop: I’ve accumulated and written lots of poems over the past years since starting, so I plan to post my old and best ones — maybe tweak them if needed — to share them with you. Would be interesting to see how my poems developed over time. After that, I could use this blog to inspire myself to write more poems and post them as often as I can. You can also throw at me any future poem ideas; that would also be a fun challenge, not to mention helpful!

Let’s see where this takes me!

-Tiffany Wright

Best Friends

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